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Practicing Self Love This Valentine’s Day With WORTH CONTROL: Season One
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The Silver Lining Of Loss
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Practicing Self Love This Valentine’s Day With WORTH CONTROL: Season One

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. This is, indeed, a totally manufactured “holiday,” but I always enjoy celebrating love and romance, nonetheless. In my opinion, today is as much about loving yourself as it is about loving others or being loved by someone else. For that reason, I felt it appropriate to proudly share that my BFF / soul sister Satchie Seidlits and I have successfully wrapped the first season of our podcast WORTH CONTROL (our big labor of love).

In the spirit of self love, we are hoping that you give it a listen at some point today or later this week. If anything, just to serve as a reminder that when you love you, life falls into place a whole lot better and your dreams come true a whole lot faster. Here is a list of our episodes in Season One. Each link will take you to iTunes where you can download and listen at your desk, in your car, during your workout, while you are prepping V-Day dinner tonight, or running your weekly errands.

00. Into: HIIII And Welcome To Our Show!
01. It’s Never Too Late
02. How To Get Out Of A Slump
03. Selfishness Redefined
04. No More Excuses
05. Navigating Your Smothering Support System
06. You Are Aphrodite
07. Getting Back On Track
08. Handling External Criticism
09. When You Hit A Setback

We hope that these 20 minute bursts of woman-power cheerleading in your ear (by way of honest, authentic conversation between two best friends) will pick you up and remind you to run full speed ahead at creating your dream life. Thank you to everyone in our new #WORTHCONTROL community who has downloaded, rated, reviewed, and shared our podcast. And, last but not least, a huge thank you to our Season One partners / sponsors who helped us get this project off the ground: Melissa Levine of Atypical Avenue, Christina Casella Cate of Cate Creative and Will Crawford. We couldn’t have done this without you!

(and Satchie)

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