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Women To Watch: Taylor Mobley Of WOAI And KABB-TV
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Women To Watch: Taylor Mobley Of WOAI And KABB-TV

Daytime Television producer Taylor Mobley might be young, but the power of her segments speaks volumes. Producer of WOAI’s San Antonio Living and of KABB’s Daytime At Nine, Mobley makes an impact no matter which studio she’s filming in. The place her efforts might make the biggest splash? Outside of the TV studio and in the San Antonio community. After two successful years of her Taylor’d For You annual fashion show event for local nonprofit organizations, it’s clear that she is just getting started. Mobley shares her thoughts on television, fashion and philanthropy, and her personal idol Oprah’s effect on her career.

On how she got here:

My career journey has been a beautiful whirlwind. I interned for the San Antonio Living morning show the summer before my senior year at Trinity University. I was already interested in pursuing a career in television, but that internship affirmed my path and opened my eyes to all aspects of the industry. From guest relations to editing web, and jumping in as on-camera talent when needed, I truly learned to be ready for anything, and that saying yes to the unknown leads to greater success.

After studying abroad in England, I returned to San Antonio hoping to find a job in lifestyle television. Luckily, San Antonio Living was in need of an associate producer and they offered me the position. After a bittersweet graduation on a Saturday, I reported to the station the following Monday morning for my first day of work and haven’t looked back.

I have seen many internships end at a time when jobs simply aren’t available. My journey was different because I started in a familiar environment, which is one of the reasons I progressed and excelled in the workplace. My foundation at San Antonio Living lead to a recent promotion working as a producer for the Daytime @ Nine morning show. As I continue to navigate this new role, I am constantly grateful for my unique journey to this point. The ability to balance on-air experience with producing is uncommon at this stage in most television careers and, more importantly, a joy I can’t describe.

On her fashion segment, Taylor’d For You:

My fashion segment, Taylor’d For You, sets me apart in the world of lifestyle television. It is content I produce and am talent for as well. A few months after I was hired in 2016, I pitched a segment that would make fashion more accessible for men and women of all ages and body types. When observing the media, fashion trends are clear. The problem, however, is that there is usually not guidance on how to wear them in a way that compliments a variety of body types, while also making sure the look is age-appropriate. I am working to change this.

Taylor’d For You is a monthly segment on San Antonio Living that highlights local boutiques and designers while also showcasing the latest trends on a diverse range of models. This segment quickly blossomed into a fashion show and, in its two years of existence, has raised over $20,000 for non-profits in our community. Sure, there are other fashion segments and fashion shows, but Taylor’d For You is the only show of its kind. It celebrates our differences and reminds us that fashion has no age or boundaries. Risks are meant to be taken and fashion is the best avenue to do so.

On giving back:

I love giving back. Not only that, but I love to be knowledgeable about causes that I support. Growing up in Boston, my parents were always active with various non-profits in the area. No matter how busy, they made time to give back selflessly and that has always stayed with me. When the fashion show became a reality, the opportunity to fully invest time into such worthy non-profits was a blessing.

The first fashion show benefited Dress For Success and the second show benefited Haven For Hope. The shows provided a monetary donation, but also gave me an extended amount of time to understand all of the good these organizations are doing. The one-on-one connections with staff and clients truly changed my life because it is in those small moments and daily joys where I have been impacted the most. My hope is to always leave a lasting impact on these organizations in return.

One of the clients at Haven For Hope allowed me to share her story in a video that played during the show. She was shy and unsure for many reasons as her journey had not been easy. After the show, however, she expressed her gratitude and said the experience was “life changing,” adding that the night encouraged her to follow her dreams. That meant everything to me.

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On her personal female hero:

Oprah is a personal hero and always has been. My family grew up watching her show and I always found myself amazed at her ability to truly captivate an audience but, in the same hour, be such a patient, humble listener. She is a master storyteller, media mogul and proof that belief in your own brand is all you need. I also appreciate the fact that Oprah never stops dreaming or creating.

After her talk show concluded, she could have easily hung up her mic. She chose not to because she knew in her heart that there was more to do, more to learn and more to give. Her ability to effortlessly dive into the depths of what makes each of us who we are is beautiful. Her love for genuine connections and conversations that cause us to reflect on our own lives is something the world needs, especially now. She invites us to consider how we all can be better for ourselves and each other and she invites us to take these steps toward a greater understanding with her. This is why her level of success is unmatched and inspires me to keep progressing in this industry.


Connect with Taylor Mobley on Instagram @taylorbmobleytv.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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