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Women to Watch: Taryn Toth of G&A Partners
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Women to Watch: Taryn Toth of G&A Partners

For business advisor Taryn Toth, the recipe for success is in the details. In her role at G&A Partners, Toth seamlessly integrates her multi-dimensional experience in sales, technology, and Human Resources (HR) and benefit strategy to take businesses to the next level operationally. Passionate about empowering others both inside of the workplace and in her community, Toth’s tenacity and heart has proven a winning and influential combination in her many pursuits. She weighs in on perseverance and career, motherhood and community engagement, and the personal mission of servant leadership that she attributes to her grandmother’s example.

On work ethic:

I did not set out on my career path with the intention of becoming what I am today. Truly, I started without knowing what I wanted to do at all. My journey has been founded on the principle that hard work is key in every single endeavor I pursue. That work ethic has opened many doors along the way, and key people took vested interest in developing me into who I am today.

On her multi-faceted role at G&A Partners:

As a Business Advisor for G&A Partners–a leading national professional employer organization (PEO) that specializes in providing growing businesses with comprehensive HR, benefits and payroll solutions–I am able to put my own self-interest aside to make recommendations that are best for my clients. My background is in the administrative side of what I sell, which means I am able to problem solve with my clients in ways that other sales representatives might not be able to.

When it comes to HR and benefits, I am so passionate about benefit plan strategy and the service of human resources. I am an idealist, and I have seen how many clients have changed their businesses through HR and benefit strategy. It fulfills me and excites me to see that improvement.

In regards to technology, I love that tech is an integral aspect of sales, HR and benefits. I have personally built and implemented HRIS and other HR-focused databases, and I love helping clients start to embrace their options in these areas. I am truly entrenched in all three industries that overlap in my role, and I am fortunate to be at G&A Partners where they encourage me to embrace all facets of my experience.

On impact outside of the office:

I am a single mother, which means my children are always my top priority. I am involved at my church and I love leading worship for a homeless ministry in downtown San Antonio. Outside of my family life, I am the Founding City Champion (the Founding President of the Board of Directors) for the new San Antonio chapter of Women in Digital. It is a national association dedicated to accelerating the advancement and growth of women in digital creative fields by giving them the most powerful tool in their arsenal–one another.

On her female personal hero:

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My grandmother, Phyllis Toth, is definitely my hero. She did it all. She raised six children and took care of twenty-six grandchildren and her husband. She started women’s softball leagues and mentored hundreds of young girls in her community. She was the most loyal, humble Christian woman I have ever known and she did it all without any fuss (and without a microwave).

Connect with Taryn Toth at, and on LinkedIn.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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