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Women To Watch: Sara Jessop of Aquarius Boutique
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Women To Watch: Sara Jessop of Aquarius Boutique

For Sara Jessop of Aquarius Boutique, shopping for your wardrobe and your home should be a multi-sensorial experience. The owner of one of San Antonio’s most popular life and style shops, Jessop is a master curator–both inside of her store through her appealing aesthetic and products, and outside of work through her passionate involvement in the local arts community. Jessop shares on the near decade-long journey in her age of Aquarius, her support of local artists and creatives, and the group of pioneering non-conformist women who she considers to be her heroes and inspirations to authentically live her life.

On her career journey:

My career journey has been unique because of all of the opportunities and relationships that Aquarius has created. It has gone beyond the brick and mortar business…forming relationships and friendships with not only the customers, but also with designers and their representatives, and being included in design collaborations and events are all things I did not expect to happen eight years ago when we first opened the store. More importantly, I have discovered undertheradar brands to introduce to our customers, which was the whole reason I got into this business in the first place.

On what sets Aquarius apart as a boutique:

What sets me and Aquarius apart is that we believe in a collection of curated designers that are not found anywhere else in San Antonio. I strive for new and outsidethebox products, whether in fashion, wellness, or home and gifts. For the last few years we have established ourselves as a lifestyle and wellness boutique. We love a good retail therapy day, and what is so amazing about Aquarius is that if you are unable to find a pair of jeans or a top that speaks to you, you can always find a soothing bath soak, a great statement piece of jewelry, or other curiosities. Additionally, we offer a five sensory experience within the entrance of Aquarius. We really try to stand out with a curated music playlist, the overall layout of the store and the art hung on the walls. We like to see Aquarius as a place that you can come to with your girlfriends, sit down a while and just chat with friends. It’s like you are hanging out in your living room while trying on great clothes.

On her passions outside of work:

I have a passion for contemporary art and supporting local artists throughout the community. That being said, I was blessed to join Blue Star Contemporary Art for the past six years and currently I am Chair of the board. This past year, Blue Star Contemporary Art has tripled contributions to The Red Dot Art Sale (with the help of numerous committees and my colleagues on the board, because it take a village). Red Dot is an annual fundraiser I’ve been very involved with since my beginnings serving Blue Star, because it directly supports the local contributing artists and furthers the arts community in San Antonio. Other passions of mine I hope to become involved in are environmental rights, reducing our carbon footprint, and equal opportunities for Women and the LGBT community.

On her personal female hero(es):

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I have a few personal heroes. Dominique De Menil, Jenna Lyons, Gloria Steinem, Arianna Huffington, Janet Mock and Gwyneth Paltrow. What all of these women have in common is that they went outside the box with gusto. They didn’t feel the need to conform to what society thought they should be or how they should act. They stuck to their guns and kept replying with, why not?

Connect with Sara Jessop and Aquarius Boutique at and
on Instagram @aquariusboutique.

This profile was (Em)Powered by Aquarius Boutique.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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