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Women To Watch: Roma Villavicencio of KENS 5’s Great Day SA
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Women To Watch: Roma Villavicencio of KENS 5’s Great Day SA

For Roma Villavicencio of KENS 5’s Great Day SA, Arts & Entertainment reporting was an unexpected path of opportunity in her career plan. Trained in news and hailing from California, Villavicencio has found a home in San Antonio, and a family in her television Co-Hosts and producers. An inspiring example of determination and grace when faced with life’s challenges, she handles the spotlight selflessly and always points it on the talents and stories of others in her community. Villavicencio shares on her personal journalistic mission, her community involvement and advocacy of Ovarian Cancer awareness, and lessons she learned from her mother that help her find strength and purpose in her daily life.

On journalism:

The world of journalism is one that holds so much accountability and dignity. I have always strived to seek the truth and be fair with every story I have written. I never imagined that after four and a half years in news I would switch over to Lifestyle & Entertainment. It’s an honor to get to know the community of San Antonio through my work. I am helping to tell the stories of so many people that make this city great, and am able to call them friends. That is valuable.

On what makes her unique:

I am a proud Mexican-American. I believe my Mexican heritage makes me relatable to a lot of people in a city like San Antonio. I speak Spanish fluently and with as much pride as I show for my Mexican side, I am just as proud of my American heritage. I am proud to call a city home that embraces both cultures so much.

On her passions outside of work:

Advocacy for cancer awareness, and specifically Ovarian Cancer, is certainly one of my passions. It is my goal to educate women of the symptoms of this silent killing disease. Especially since it personally affected me in 2009, when I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer. I pray that women will listen to their bodies and become educated through the doctors we have worked with on the show. On a lighter note, I am a big foodie. I have a passion for good food. I do my best to feature many of our fabulous local chefs on the show.

On her personal female hero:

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In my life, I have had the greatest angel looking after me. My mother, Luz Armida, is my hero. She passed away almost 12 years ago. She was full of charm, humility, class, and dedication to her children and husband. She never received a college degree, yet was able to teach me so much about life and overcoming the struggles that come with it. She treated everyone with so much respect and made friends in the highest of high to the lowest of low places…all of whom adored her. I strive to be the woman she was–honoring her in everything I do, including making sure I always wear earrings and lipstick. She believed a lady should always be properly attired with both.

Connect with Roma Villavicencio on Facebook, on Twitter @RomaV_TV
and on Instagram @RomaVonTV.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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