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Women To Watch: Meredith Cooper of Raymond James & Associates
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Women To Watch: Meredith Cooper of Raymond James & Associates

Attorney turned Financial Advisor, Meredith Cooper of Raymond James & Associates is using her legal background to provide robust planning services to her clients. With a relationship focus, she is passionate about helping clients reach their goals through understanding their big picture. An advocate for the transformation of downtown San Antonio, Cooper makes an impact through her service on the Hemisfair Coalition Board and with the Junior League of San Antonio. She shares on her client commitment, her journey from Attorney to Financial Advisor and her admiration of Queen Elizabeth II.

On what has made her career journey unique:

I started out as an attorney and ended up a financial advisor. I always loved business and finance and did not get to incorporate any of that interest in my practice area, so I made a change. I started with working in compliance at a large bank. In that time I spoke with advisors at a few firms about their experience and whether or not it would make sense for me to pursue this path. It makes perfect sense for me to be an advisor. I use my legal knowledge every day in working with clients who are business owners, evaluating their estate plans, or coming out of a divorce.

On what sets her apart in the financial advising career field:

My education and legal background sets me apart. There are not very many financial advisors who also went to law school and passed the bar exam. I bring a different perspective to the planning process and investment strategies I develop. Acting ethically in the best interests of my clients is essential. A major part of that can be educating clients about what investments we’re making and why. My feeling is that no one should be in an investment they do not understand. My goal is for my clients to reach their personal goals and create solid, lasting relationships with them. It is my job to see the big picture in fine detail.

On her community projects and impact:

I’m in my third year now in The Junior League of San Antonio. I love being around and learning from all of the truly talented, intelligent women. This year I’m the Assistant Chair for the League’s 5k/10k VIVA! SA Race in March 2019. The race is meant to get people active and share our mission, which is to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women, and improve our community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. The race is at Hemisfair’s Yanaguana Garden and ties into another organization I’m passionate about. I serve on the Hemisfair Coalition board and we support the Hemisfair Conservancy by engaging the community in the park redevelopment through programming and fundraising efforts. I volunteer frequently at Hemisfair and it is amazing to see the park come alive again with people of all ages. I look forward to the transformation that is coming over the next few years not just to the park, but to downtown San Antonio. Finally, another Tulane alum and I decided to co-chair the revitalization of the local Tulane University alumni club. We’ve enjoyed organizing events to bring people together over jazz and crawfish.

On her personal female hero:

Queen Elizabeth II. I’m a bit of a history nerd on the side. I admire Queen Elizabeth for being a significant world leader for almost her entire life. She had to assume the role of Queen before she was prepared, if one ever is truly prepared for that job. She has balanced family and a demanding job in front of the whole world and done it with grace and elegance. There have been too many times to count when she’s had to make difficult decisions that are likely unimaginable for most of us. For 65 years she has navigated changes in political climate, technology, and how we all communicate, including tabloids and how we get our news. She is absolutely impressive to me for her steadfastness. Plus, her love for her dogs is infectious.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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