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Women to Watch: Joyce Morrison of SLR Medical Consulting
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Women to Watch: Joyce Morrison of SLR Medical Consulting

A zest for exploration and discovery and an insatiable curiosity for the unknown drives entrepreneur Joyce Morrison, Vice President of SLR Medical Consulting. A founder at heart, she has achieved success working alongside her husband Jerry Morrison, building SLR Medical Consulting and Celsius Cryo Spa in the greater North Texas area. Their partnership has proven that achievement is inevitable through hard work, unconditional support, and respect for others. Crowned Mrs. DFW International 2018, Morrison is an advocate for the nonprofit community through her lifelong participation in beauty pageants, raising funds and awareness for worthy causes, while promoting that each individual has the power to unlock the keys to their own success.

On building her business:

People are often surprised by my age [30]. I attribute this to being fortunate enough to enter into this industry immediately out of college and put in the sweat equity from day one. I have gained such valuable insight throughout my years in this career field, not only regarding the business aspect of the medical consulting industry, but also the clinical side. This accumulated knowledge informs the business decisions I make daily.

Regarding the partnership that serves as the foundation of our business, my husband and I have built SLR Medical Consulting together in its entirety. We are often asked how our personal and professional partnership works, and why we don’t seem to get in the way of one another in either space. I don’t think there is a secret sauce for our partnership that has yielded such success, other than that our personalities really work in this industry and we always support and respect each other’s opinions as much in the office as we do at home.

On her latest and greatest ventures:

I have recently ventured into the territory of new opportunities within the health and wellness space. In January of 2017, I opened Celsius Cryo Spa in Keller, Texas. We offer Cryotherapy, Spot Cryotherapy, Norma-Tec Compression and IV Hydration Therapy. Opening this business has taught me more about retail, which I am grateful to add to my skill sets and knowledge as an entrepreneur. I look forward to expanding this business in the near future into other cities in the North Texas area.

On her passions outside of the office:

I live for travel. My husband and I are constantly exploring new places together; we have visited over twenty countries. When we were married, we actually had what we called our “wedding-moon” in the Maldives, because exotic travel was such a part of our story.

After our wedding, (and being nudged enough by many curious family members and friends) I decided to start a travel blog to answer the adventure-related questions of my nearest and dearest who were wanting guidance for their own adventures around the globe. You can follow my personal travel diary at

Another passion of mine is competing in beauty pageants–I currently hold the crown for Mrs. DFW International 2018. I first started competing in beauty pageants as a toddler, and I have been hooked ever since. Pageantry has helped me develop my originally-shy, self-conscious personality into the outgoing, confident woman I am today. These opportunities to participate in pageants have inspired me to become a strong advocate for nonprofit organizations. I have worked with many causes in my community over the years, to raise awareness and funds for Vogel Alcove, Best Buddies and the United Way.

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On her personal female hero (or lack thereof):

I have always found it unproductive to project the lives and accomplishments of others onto my own. For that reason, I have made it a practice to continually search for the strength within myself to achieve big goals and exude humanitarian qualities in both my personal life and in my professional life. I was faced with some challenging circumstances growing up, and this constant inner-work has allowed me to overcome, persevere and land where I am today. I always tell others to believe in their own potential and admire their dreams, because we all hold the keys to our own successes.

Connect with Joyce Morrison on LinkedIn and on Instagram @joyce__morrison.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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