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Women to Watch: Josie Rees of eXp Realty
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Women to Watch: Josie Rees of eXp Realty

For Josie Rees of eXp Realty, real estate isn’t just a transaction. It’s an energy transfer. With a background in corporate marketing that ultimately led her to a spiritual awakening and a wellness transformation, earning certifications as an NLP Practitioner, a Life & Success Coach, a Clinical Hypnotist and an energy healer, one might not suspect that a journey like this would land Rees in residential real estate. However, it’s exactly what many of her clients love about her, and what makes working with her so unique…

EM: What was the defining moment in your past that set you on the career path you ended up following?

JR: I think it was a combination of moments that have shaped my journey into what it is today. My grandfather owned a construction company while my uncles were contractors and investors. My significant other, Alan Lozano (also a Realtor in San Antonio) went into the real estate industry a few years ago. As someone who was always obsessed with interior design and architecture, I was all for it and learned so much from just listening and watching. It’s been so exciting watching him grow in the industry.

In regards to myself, as an INFJ, it’s natural for me to be the encouraging cheerleader, the therapist, the shoulder to lean on. I think my defining moment happened while I was training to become a Certified NLP Practitioner, Life & Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotist and energy healer to help others in finding and being successful in their life path. Throughout this training, I really began to look inwards for the first time and ask myself what I wanted out of life. I finally gave myself permission to be happy and realized I wasn’t a bad person for wanting more out of life than what society told me I should be doing. A couple of months later, I put in my resignation at my corporate job and I started taking real estate courses because that’s where my passion lies. Now, as a licensed Realtor, I’m finally living life on my own terms while helping so many people in the process.

EM: What makes your approach to realty unique?

JM: Throughout my life, I always favored a more holistic, spiritual lifestyle with a deep need to help people. What makes me unique in the real estate industry is the fact that I blend every aspect of myself into my real estate business. For example, my past corporate experience has given me the ability to be organized, juggle multiple tasks and provide the best experience for my clients. My holistic side and certifications in alternative healing modalities allow me to share information with my clients about how to shift the energy in the home for a more positive environment, best essential oils to use in your home for stress or to purify the air, clean products to use with less harsh chemicals, etc. These are all (optional) topics I offer to clients–my “Wellness Real Estate” experience.

EM: What is one way you hope to impact your community in the future, either personally or professionally?

JR: A home is more than just foundation and walls. It stores memories, dreams, life-shaping moments and so much more. I hope to positively impact the community by finding them a safe space which allows them to create memories, have the courage to dream and shape their life. I’m also a huge animal lover and donate money from my commissions to animal shelters by sponsoring pets, assisting with food, supplies and covering adoption fees so all rescues can have the chance at finding a loving, forever home. My dream is to own a large piece of land and open a sanctuary for senior pets. That is my ideal happy place.

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EM: If you could sit down with any woman in the world–either from history or who is currently living–who would that be and what would you discuss with her?

JR: Victoria Beckham. I absolutely love her. She was the first woman I ever looked up to (who isn’t my Mom). Victoria always knew her strengths and her weaknesses and how to use them both to her advantage. She stayed true to herself and branched out to follow her true passion, while still acknowledging and honoring her past. Victoria is a true reminder that we as humans are always evolving but staying true to ourselves and sharing that version with others is so important. Quite honestly, I don’t know if I would even be able to discuss anything because I’d be too starstruck.


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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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