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Women To Watch: Janet Peavy of Lyft
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Women To Watch: Janet Peavy of Lyft

Janet Peavy, Market Manager at Lyft, has forged a successful career by continually focusing on hard work that speaks for itself. Peavy began her career as a classical pianist, moving into energy, then tech before landing in transportation. A dedicated community leader, Peavy served as President of the Junior League of San Antonio and leader of Open Classical. She shares on how a bike accident shifted her career path, her community impact and the trailblazing women who are her personal heroes.

On her unexpected career journey:

I started out as a concert pianist, but a bike accident permanently damaged my right hand. I still play professionally, but it took many years for my hand to heal. That accident led me to the path I’ve been on since, and ultimately, to Lyft.

On being unique in her industry:

I am not only a woman in the transportation field, but I am also a woman in tech. Prior to this, I was in energy. There have been so many meetings I have attended over the years where I have been the only woman in the room. My only advice is to be who you are confidently, and let your work speak for itself.

On her passions outside of work:

I love volunteering for the community and I love music. I am a past president of the Junior League of San Antonio and I led Open Classical – an open mic forum for classical musicians in San Antonio.

On her personal female hero(es):

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I have two: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Pianist and Composer Clara Schumann. Any woman with the courage to blaze her own trail is what I aspire to be, and their stories give me the inspiration to pioneer in my daily work in tech.

Connect with Janet Peavy on LinkedIn, and on Instagram @jhpv04.

This profile was (Em)Powered by Lyft.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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