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Women To Watch: Hannah Zunker Of Florecer Femme
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Women To Watch: Hannah Zunker Of Florecer Femme

For corporate strategist Hannah Zunker, no goal is too big once she sets her sights on it. The Founder of Florecer Femme, a culture for women looking to flourish in their personal, professional, and creative lives, Zunker is sharing her zest for success and fulfillment with the women of San Antonio, as she works to foster a community for everyone to feel inspired and empowered. She shares her thoughts on the transformational effects of mentorship on her corporate career, what her plans are for Florecer Femme and what Hermione Granger taught her about being a courageous, curly-haired trailblazer.

On what has defined her career journey to date:

Tremendous mentorship. At almost every stage in my life, I have had a significant mentor who has helped me navigate my education, career path, and future. Uniquely, most of my mentors were men. During my undergraduate studies, I had a Chemistry professor who helped me realize I had the ability to excel in the subject. His encouragement played a huge part in my choice to major in Chemistry. When I graduated college and had no idea what I was going to do, another Chemistry professor and mentor of mine encouraged me to pursue a Masters of Business Administration because he could see my potential to excel in a business setting.

My boss in my first real job was one of the best teachers and mentors I have had. He always took the time to teach me, commended me for my work product, gave me credit where credit was due, and helped me show others what I was truly capable of. This eventually led me to a bigger opportunity within the same company. In this role, I gained another great mentor who has taught me to be confident in a room full of men, to speak my mind because I usually have something valuable to contribute, and to seize opportunities.

I am grateful for the mentorship I have received in my life and I hope to impact another life in the same way one day.

On Florecer Femme and its mission:

In early 2018, I felt something was missing from my life. After some reflection, I realized the missing piece was a strong community of women. I have always had a passion for motivating and empowering women. In college, I pursued this passion by implementing women-empowerment programs in my local sorority. However, post-college, I never found my outlet for supporting other women in that way. I was longing for a community of women that was sophisticated and modern, with a little of that San Antonio flair I have fallen so in love with.

As a response to needing something I couldn’t find on my own, I founded Florecer Femme, a culture for women seeking to flourish in every aspect of their lives. I made this for all women: corporate-ladder climbers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, you name it. Florecer Femme will present experiences and content that help women develop personally, professionally, and creatively. Our programming will constantly be changing and evolving, because we as women are constantly changing and seeking new ways to grow.

On Florecer Femme and its community impact:

I want Florecer Femme to be a feminine culture that empowers, inspires and motivates women to thrive. I plan to kick off this mission at our first major event, #GOALS, where we will focus on setting our goals for 2019 and positioning ourselves for success in the New Year. At #GOALS, our guests will listen to three powerhouse speakers on fitness, finances, and career. Not only will we be inspired by other women, we will establish our own goals and intentions for the New Year and find accountability partners to help us achieve them. #GOALS will be on Saturday, February 2 at East Crossing in downtown San Antonio. Tickets will be for sale on the Florecer Femme website ( and will be announced on social media later this fall.

Which woman (either from history or present-day) is one of your personal heroes, and why?

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I have two heroes. One is my mother: my rock, my foundation and my constant sounding board. She is the reason for my strong will and independence and she is the epitome of beauty inside and out.

My other hero is a young woman who has been a part of my life since age 11, Hermione Granger. Hermione was intelligent, witty, courageous, beautiful, loyal, and rocked that wild curly hair. Growing up with her was one of the best childhood-to-adulthood experiences I could have asked for. She made me believe I was meant for something great. She taught me how to be strong and that I am capable of blazing my own trail. To top it all off, the woman who took Hermione from the page to the screen, Emma Watson, is another hero of mine. Emma is a true voice for women, and she has not let her fame stop her from pursuing an education or speaking her mind. She has managed to be known by the entire world but somehow live a quaint life. I admire her for so many reasons.

Connect with Hannah Zunker on Instagram @hannahzunker and on LinkedIn. Follow Florecer Femme at and on Instagram @florecerfemme.

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