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Women To Watch: Emily Becher of The CE Group

For Emily Becher of The CE Group, stewarding our city’s important visitors is about curating a memorable series of experiences that best represents San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country. As Director of The CE Group’s destination management division, Becher takes pride in serving as an ambassador for our city, and has risen through the ranks into her position through dedication, passion and persistence. She shares on her career journey, her responsibilities at San Antonio’s number one event planning company, and the work-life balance approach to motherhood inspired by the example of her grandmother.

On her career journey:

From humble beginnings organizing the media library’s VHS tapes more than a decade ago, I am proud to have risen quickly to play an integral role in the events and production team at The CE Group. It has been an honor to launch many of San Antonio’s key events including a year-long, statewide celebration for H-E-B’s 100th anniversary, Luminaria: Arts Night San Antonio, the grand opening of Morgan’s Wonderland (the world’s first accessible family fun park), and numerous activations and corporate events for Fortune 500 companies throughout Texas and nationwide. It has been a joy for me personally and professionally to connect with thousands of people within my hometown and across the country throughout my career in the events and Destination Management industry.

On what makes her unique in her industry:

As director of CE DMC, The CE Group’s destination management division, I take pride in delivering a high-end customer experience from start to finish. Each day I strive to provide our clients with a unique taste of both the Alamo City and the Texas Hill Country. CE DMC specializes in all fields of Destination Management and we are the leading destination San Antonio experts. I take pride in solving destination management needs including a company’s arrivals, departures and transportation; managing meeting and hospitality services, coordinating specialty tours and activities including dine-arounds, directing entertainment and décor, planning innovative team-building events and executing flawless logistics from start to finish. My strong dedication and creativity are infused into every project and I am committed to making my clients? visions and goals a reality.

On her passions outside of work:

Outside of my life in events, I dedicate my time to my blended family of five children. I am extremely passionate about the impact my working life has on my children, and the role I play in teaching each of them the value of a positive work-life balance. I am extremely blessed to have two loving parents who, through their tireless years in the workforce, provided me with an exceptional education and a strong work ethic, characteristics I now work to instill in my own children. My hope for each of my children is to ignite a passion to seek what they love and ultimately find a way to positively impact the world around them. This is a goal I believe anyone can achieve with a lot of hard work, the ability to never be afraid to ask for help, and a dedication to never stop learning.

On her personal female hero:

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Without a doubt, my personal hero is my grandmother Evelyn, who is 95 years young. As the only living grandparent I have ever known, she has made a tremendous impact on my life as a young woman, a mother and as a working professional. Evelyn worked full-time as a single mother of six young children in an era where support for young mothers simply did not exist. She worked diligently day-in and day-out to provide for her family and blessed them with whatever privileges she could afford. Her tenacity and drive continually influence my life and ultimately impact the decisions that I make as a business professional and as a mother.

Connect with Emily Becher and The CE Group on Facebook, and on Instagram @thecegroup.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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