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Women To Watch: Elizabeth Luna of Heaven Sent Property Solutions

When it comes to real estate deals, For Sale signs can signal the best of times or the worst of times. No matter which side of the coin a property owner is on, Elizabeth Luna, Owner of Heaven Sent Property Solutions, might just be the answer for your transaction that’s heaven-sent. As the owner and operator of a small, minority-owned real estate business, Luna knows firsthand the ins and outs of the Texas real estate market. Driven by her passion to help others, Luna shares her thoughts on why her life’s work is so much more than just a transaction.

On unexpected pursuits:

I started my career in marketing and public relations. I worked for large corporate companies and organizations such as Humana, USAA, and the City of San Antonio. While pursuing my corporate career, I became fascinated by real estate. I learned everything I could about the industry on my own, from reading books to watching educational videos and networking with mentors in the industry. I began building a real estate investment portfolio on nights, weekends and holidays while I still had my day job. During this time, I acquired, managed and operated over 15 single family homes, flipped a shopping center, and invested in several commercial properties.

A mentor encouraged me to pursue real estate when I was in my early twenties. However, I chose the corporate path because I was always taught the more traditional route, the better…go to school, get a degree, get a corporate job and stay there until retirement. After twenty years in public relations and living through three corporate layoffs, I transitioned into real estate full time. It was the best decision I could have made.

My corporate background taught me the value of customer service, integrity and working toward mutually beneficial solutions. But I’ve found that real estate affords me the opportunity to cultivate long- lasting business and personal relationships with clients, vendors, and industry professionals that make an economic impact on San Antonio – the city I love. I get to work with an amazing team of professionals to improve the housing industry in Bexar county, and improve people’s lives.

On what sets her apart in the real estate industry:

I am not a traditional real estate agent. I am a private real estate investor who specializes in multilevel, problematic residential and commercial real estate that other agents cannot resolve. While we do work with agents, we primarily work with individuals who find themselves in foreclosure, estate situations, back taxes, divorce or are experiencing heirship troubles. We also work with attorneys, title companies and other professionals to develop solutions to resolve complicated real estate issues.

Above all else, I genuinely strive to help people in their time of need. If I can “save” their home or their credit, I will do so. I have been blessed with knowledge, resources and opportunities. Whenever I can share that with others, I do so willingly. We pride our services on being a blessing for our clients, which is why we are called Heaven Sent Property Solutions. We were named by our clients, who told us we were “heaven sent.”

In addition to working with individuals in their time of need, we also work with those who have money to invest. Our investment projects pay better than average rates of returns on real estate that is backed with collateral and also insured.

On giving back in the community:

My passions outside of the office include my two young children, and literacy initiatives. I am a strong supporter of free access to books. I believe a love of reading opens the doors to many opportunities, both personally and professionally. Making books accessible in all San Antonio neighborhoods is the first step to paving the road for a life-long love of reading and learning. It is something we have worked hard to establish in our home, and something we always encourage in the lives of others.

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On her personal female hero:

The world and San Antonio has many amazing women such as Mother Teresa, Maya Angelou, Councilwoman Ana Sandoval, Sheryl Sculley; however, the woman who has made the strongest impact on my life is my mother. She rose to the challenge of being a single mom of 7, pursued and completed her education while working full-time, and became a teacher. She taught on San Antonio’s southside for 32 years; making a lasting positive impact on many young lives. I learned grace, forgiveness and trust from her leading example.

Connect with Elizabeth Luna at elizabeth@heavensentpropertysolutions.com and on LinkedIn.

This profile was (Em)Powered by Heaven Sent Property Solutions.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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