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Women To Watch: Callie Redding Of Baylor Scott & White Health
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Women To Watch: Callie Redding Of Baylor Scott & White Health

Growing up on a ranch in South Central Texas, Callie Redding learned how to care for others from a very young age. A manager of clinical healthcare operations in Austin, her array of passions and her insatiable quest to learn about others inspire the human services element of her work on a daily basis. Dedicated to the pursuit of improving healthcare experiences for patients in all phases of life, Redding weighs in on the philosophies and adventures that provide her the perspective to serve others, both on and off duty.

On her role within the healthcare industry:

I have the privilege of serving as a manager of clinic operations. My role is to support surgeons within an organization committed to enhancing the health of communities across Texas, focusing on high-quality, compassionate healthcare at the lowest possible cost. Specialty Clinic Operations gives me a unique view of our healthcare system and its impact on patients, especially the relationships between primary care and hospital visits. I strive to improve patient experience and the navigation of our healthcare system with a focus on quality of interactions between patients, physicians and staff. Specialty clinics are unique because we interact with the entire spectrum of healthcare – health maintenance, bringing life into the world, caring for those leaving the world, and everything in between. In everything we do, we work to make the process better each step of the way. There are always improvements we can make to healthcare overall – whether with quality, cost or experience.

On why her many interests influence her daily work:

I was heavily influenced by my childhood growing up on a ranch. Originally planning for a future in land and wildlife management, I pursued environmental studies in college. Along the way, I took a turn toward nonprofit marketing and healthcare. After undergrad, I earned my master’s degree in healthcare administration at Trinity University. This program afforded me a unique opportunity to complete an administrative residency for one year: that was my crash-course in hospital and clinic operations. I am grateful to work within the same healthcare system for the past five years while living in different parts of Texas. Each of those experiences ultimately gave me varied perspectives on life that enrich the work I do today.

On her passions and pursuits in life, outside of the office:

Outside of the office, I am firstly passionate about my family, spending lots of time at our family ranch and visiting my niece and nephew. Further, I try and expand my horizons through travel as often as possible. Inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson’s famous line, “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield,” as I purposefully experience other cultures and their perspectives, lifestyles, art, and history. I am passionate about a variety of charitable causes centering around education for people of all ages and generations, whether it is related to arts or environmental conservation. I try to give my time to organizations that not only provide training or education for those who need it, but more importantly that work to expand people’s perspectives as to what they can contribute to this world. Whatever the cause, I love enabling others to do more than they thought possible.

However, I should mention my particular passion for environmental conservation, which began as a child learning how to care for the ranch. It has grown since then: I love learning about local wetlands, headwaters, scuba diving and ocean clean-up in my spare time.

On her personal female hero:

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Without hesitation, my mother is my hero. I have spent my entire life watching her balance multiple businesses, care for our immediate and extended families, develop her community projects and her philanthropic projects. She does it all with an unfailingly positive perspective and a plan of execution that is flawless. Even during challenging times, she is perceptive and handles each person she interacts with carefully, while artfully working toward a larger vision. She has taught me that each day is a gift, and we should make the most of that gratefully while faithfully serving others.

Connect with Callie Redding @callie_redding.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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