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Women To Watch: Blanca Abbud of SWBC
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Women To Watch: Blanca Abbud of SWBC

For Blanca Abbud of SWBC, sales is about forming lasting relationships with the clients she serves as she helps them achieve their goals. A consistently top-performing executive in her field, Abbud practices servant leadership, and has been essential to not only the growth of the companies she has worked for during her tenure, but also to the formation of several notable young professional organizations in the San Antonio community. A nationally known public figure in her industry, Abbud has worked her way up the ladder with humility, hard work, and a generous spirit that is infectious to others she encounters. She shares on her career journey, her philosophy on sales and service, and how she has always been inspired by her mother’s strength to overcome any obstacle in life.

On her career journey:

My positive outlook has made my career journey unique. I always keep moving forward and push myself to different levels to prove that I can do anything I set my mind to. Over the years I have been able to harness and perfect my innate abilities. My work ethic combined with my determination has catapulted me into successes through corporate America. I have also developed a strong circle of women that help support each other. We help connect and network with each other in different organizations in San Antonio.

I am where I am today because I built my book of business through an organic, grassroots approach. I did not get my start by networking or being well connected since I am not from San Antonio. With time, I have become a trusted advisor to my clients. I produce winning results, not only for my company but for my clients as well. I have been very successful at being able to create a plan and execute it. I have met and exceeded all my goals, both personally and in business. I am very strong-minded and do not like to be told I cannot do something. All of my life I have had to prove myself, and I have done that with results. I am finally at the point where I can enjoy the fruits of my hard work.

Currently, I work for SWBC, a diversified financial services company, in its Professional Employer Organization (PEO) division. My job is to help businesses of all sizes streamline their operations and maximize their profits by offering SWBC PEO’s HR experts to reduce the time small business owners spend on tedious tasks like HR, workers’ comp, risk management, employee benefits, and payroll so they can get back to running their business. Small business owners are the heart of this country and being able to give them the tools they need to be successful is truly a rewarding experience.

On what makes her unique in her industry:

I have created a solid brand for myself by having a large marketing and community presence. I have participated in different speaking engagements, delivered keynote speeches, appeared on television and radio shows, given lectures and sales trainings, and have been on camera in digital media videos. I have a unique way of getting my message across depending on what I am trying to convey to my audience. I also work on staying relevant on industry topics and current business trends in San Antonio. My marketing efforts and videos have gained national attention. I have a large following of people that enjoy my posts and messages I create. This has helped me stay competitive in my market and all over Texas. I have also created a sales training program that replicates my sales process and best practices.

I have been very successful helping businesses in San Antonio streamline their operations, control costs to become more profitable, and reach their business goals. I work with companies to focus on their top-line revenue, while helping them offset administrative tasks through us. I also help companies establish their HR infrastructure for rapid growth, and any company that is currently in growth mode. My education as well as expertise in business operations has really set me apart. I have been working in the PEO industry for six years and continue to work hard to be seen as a subject matter expert within the industry.

On her passions outside of the office:

Outside of work, I enjoy spending my spare time volunteering and serving in a leadership capacity on various boards for organizations, such as Catholic Charities, Guadalupe Home, a transitional living program for homeless expectant mothers, Business Professionals of San Antonio, the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, Ghost Light Society, and at the University of Texas at El Paso. I have assisted in forming a couple of young professional groups and helping them structure and create their bylaws.

I think it is also very important to teach children to give back to the community, so at a very young age they understand the meaning of helping others. This is why I have shown my own children the importance of helping others in need and how they can donate their time and anything they have to help those in need.

One of the things I am most passionate about is being able to serve as a role model and mentor for young women. I have found that many young women do not have role models, and there is a lack of women who are willing to mentor. I currently mentor three girls and help them with developing business plans, setting goals, creating and implementing strategies, sales training, interpersonal skills, and building their self-esteem and communication skills. In the past I have also mentored other women and offered them career advice based on my personal experiences. I feel it’s important to help others when they need it and build positive relationships with everyone.

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On her personal female hero:

It is challenging for me to narrow down my choice to one hero, because I have been fortunate enough to be blessed both professionally and personally with so many women who define heroism and are strong, supportive, independent, loving, kind, and giving. However, my hero is my mother. Her love, patience, faith, and strength to overcome any obstacle and do it with confidence showed me I can also do it, too. My mother taught me many life lessons and even through my father’s passing, my mother continued to be our rock and support system as my siblings and I grew up. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I realized how much a mother’s love for their child has no boundaries. She is an example of the woman I strive to be every day and how I want my daughter to look at me so she understands how to love and be a strong woman. I want my daughter to be successful, confident, loyal, and stand up for what she believes in.

Connect with Blanca Abbud on Facebook, on LinkedIn and on Instagram @brabbud.

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Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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