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Women To Watch: Aurora Baumgartner Sanchez of Vita Coco
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Women To Watch: Aurora Baumgartner Sanchez of Vita Coco

When it comes to managing national accounts for Vita Coco, there isn’t a goal too lofty for marketing strategist Aurora B. Sanchez. But when it comes to her time off the corporate clock as a new mother, there isn’t an ounce of love she spares for her family or for her San Antonio community. An advocate of compassion for those overcoming homelessness and additional challenges in their lives, Sanchez juggles career, family and volunteering with style and grace…just the way her grandmother did.

On goal-setting and knowing when to move on to the next career challenge:

I am a firm believer in actions speaking louder than words. I don’t allow myself to get complacent with where I am at any point in my career journey. I like to push my own comfort levels, and I never hesitate before moving on to the next challenge, just before I get too comfortable in the present. “What’s next?” is how I live my life. I like to approach a career goal, learn as much as possible from the process, master the task at hand and then enhance the experience by pushing my limits on how to make the current chapter better.

On Vita Coco’s commitment to the communities that produce it:

Vita Coco sources coconuts from thousands of farmers throughout Brazil and Southeast Asia. We have partnerships with organizations in these communities, such as HOPE and Kiva. HOPE helps to build classrooms that provide students with a proper place to study, encouraging them to attend school more often. Kiva grants microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs to provide financial support for the growers and members of the community that support our production. We also offer scholarships to the top performing students in the communities we source our coconuts from. These students are family members of local farmers and factory employees who are given the chance to get a strong education and prosper in the future.

On “off-duty” passions and giving back in San Antonio:

The two organizations I currently volunteer for are Big Brothers Big Sisters and Haven for Hope. Personally, my mission is to make an impact in our community by being a nurturer of compassion. Time is precious, and we are all busy. However, I am of the belief that every human deserves to be heard, to have their basic needs met, and to be encouraged to improve their current situations for a better life. Now that I have an infant son and am starting my own family, it is extremely important to me that we teach our children to be kind and accepting of others. I want to continue to give compassionately and advocate for acceptance, to be the change we want to see in the world.

On her personal female hero:

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Without a doubt, my late maternal grandmother Gloria Corona Alvarado is my hero. Her business-driven charisma was inspiring and ahead of her time. Necessity drove her passion to succeed and provide for her family. She raised eight children in Mexico that all have successful careers and growing families. Her labor and dedication is truly reflected in the core values that my mother and father have taught me. What I admire the most was her strength to overcome adversity and fearless demeanor to lead the way for her family.

Connect with Aurora Baumgartner Sanchez at and @aurorabsanchez.

This profile was (Em)Powered by Vita Coco.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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