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Women To Watch: Angelica Palm of The Bank of San Antonio
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Women To Watch: Angelica Palm of The Bank of San Antonio

For Angelica Palm of The Bank of San Antonio, learning to stand strong in the spaces that challenge her most has paved her trailblazing path to success. A leader in the corporate marketing space, and in the San Antonio business and nonprofit communities, Palm pursues each pioneering project with fortitude and a hyper-awareness of how her actions will impact future generations. Her creativity is pushing the boundaries of brand storytelling at The Bank of San Antonio, and she is shedding light on the hardships and triumphs of entrepreneurship in her new book and podcast launching in 2019.

On her journey, and what has led her to success:

I have paid attention to fear. The times I have felt apprehensive, but moved boldly forward are the moments I have created impact. Often, on the other side of doubt, is your breakthrough. When I first sense fear creeping in on a new possibility, it activates me to move in the moment from optional to non-negotiable. If I feel doubtful, I plow through that moment of discomfort knowing that growth is on the other side. Throughout my career, fear has been the impetus that makes me study and reminds me to practice. Fear keeps me awake and on my toes. Fear is welcome, because it reminds me that further work needs to be done. Success is the birthright for each of us we need to declare what is ours and step into our calling.

On what defines her in the corporate marketing field:

I embrace audacity in my role as Marketing Director, because it’s often the crazy stuff that works. For instance, at The Bank of San Antonio we share stories of our entrepreneurs and their journeys to success. I’m writing a book called San Antonio Business Heroes featuring insights and advice from local entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. I want the book to inspire the next generation of San Antonio community leaders.

The San Antonio Business Heroes podcast debuts in 2019. We’ve secured placement with Texas Public Radio and San Antonio media publications so that we can share these stories far and wide. The podcast will highlight my conversations with entrepreneurs such as Graham Weston, founder of Rackspace, Hope Andrade and J. Bruce Bugg, Jr, chairman of TxDot and our bank. These business leaders will dig into what it takes to survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

I’m honored to help share the stories of heroes across our great city. My aim is to have someone who is thinking about starting a business, pick up this book and see people who look like them, and who grew up in the neighborhood they grew up in, and realize that anything is possible. I want them to think, “Wow, if they made it, I can make it too.”

On community impact and the next generation:

I want to equip the next generation of San Antonians to outdo us in every field–they are the leaders we’ve been waiting for. I take pride in serving on the board at The DoSeum and helping entrepreneurs connect the dots to start their business journey. I often meet with new entrepreneurs to talk about how they can define their goals and maximize their impact. My goal is to offer insight, advocacy and encouragement to call the next generation into their power. Our entrepreneurs are rising, one dream at a time, one day of hard work at a time and there is no better city for this powerful movement than ours.

On her personal female hero:

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The next generation of women are my inspiration, including my seven-month-old daughter. There is a wellspring of strength, positivity and light within this next generation. When I look at my daughter, I imagine the mountains she will climb and the conventions she and others will break into a million pieces to create brilliance. She fuels me to chase the moments that scare me, to break down barriers and to make our ancestors proud. In fact, she inspires me to become my ancestors’ wildest dream.


Connect with The Bank of San Antonio and Angelica Palm on Facebook, on LinkedIn and on Instagram @sabusinessheroes.

This profile was (Em)Powered by The Bank of San Antonio.

Edited from an interview by Eleanora Morrison.

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