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Why Lucille Ball Was A Fashion Icon, And How To Achieve Her Timeless Looks Today

By Eleanora Morrison


s much as the fearless female movement makers whose voices are emerging from the Hollywood hills today are inspiring and uniting, I have always had a nostalgic fascination with the women of ‘Old Hollywood,’ like Lucille Ball, who pioneered new frontiers in the entertainment industry, and who did it against all odds, with strength and one-of-a-kind style.

In my highly imaginative mind, these women (especially Lucy) were always either elegantly gliding or comically tap time-stepping on and off their sets and back home to luxuriously lounge in the loggias of their mansions when off-duty. Obviously, this has likely never been anyone’s reality, but the vintage images of these icons paint quite the picture.
In researching Lucy’s life in images, I couldn’t get over how oppositely her personality was portrayed in her more personal portraits than in the stills of her famous I Love Lucy role that we all know and are fond of. The times she was either modeling or sitting for photos in her home show her strength, her authenticity, her eccentricity, her timeless style, her fearlessness, and also her more stoic side…only a few of the many characteristics that must have built her entrepreneurial entertainment empire.

In our digital world today, we are constantly bombarded with images of what everyone else is wearing, buying, saying, thinking and doing. In the spirit of timelessly iconic Lucy, and several of her peers (some who are still entertaining us in 2019), we are sharing what is not the ordinary, but the extraordinary.

In the spirit of never being ordinary, we have rounded up our favorite modern pieces that speak to us with ‘the essence of an icon,’ in the hopes that you’ll find inspiration if you Love Lucy, too.
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