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Style Icons Of Yesteryear: What Would They Wear Today?
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Style Icons Of Yesteryear: What Would They Wear Today?

By Natalie M. Steen

What would the fashion know-alls and be-alls of yesteryear wear if they were with us today? We’d like to think they wouldn’t fall victim to being swept up in the short shelf-life trends we see season after season. Instead, perhaps they would stay true to the sophisticated classics that expressed their individuality and confidence, year after year. For it was these authentic elements that defined their self images, evoked the essence of their legendary public personas, and were the reason why they became true icons whose relevancy withstood the test of time.

With an entire issue inspired by the matriarch of the modern-day fashion magazine, historic Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar– Carmel Snow, with supporting characters such as her right-hand Fashion Editor Diana Vreeland (who trained under Snow before she became Editor in Chief of Vogue) and Richard Avedon, Snow’s photographer (who came into his own under her wing), we had to reimagine their would-be wears with some high-low must-haves of modern-day. After all, these timeless items we are currently coveting exude the elements that have defied decades of recycled trends for a reason, and now they are calling for your collection…

Carmel Snow

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Richard Avedon

Diana Vreeland

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Natalie M. Steen

A Miami, Florida native living in Houston, Texas, Natalie M. Steen is a lawyer by day (and night). The rest of the time, she dreams up outfits for all of life’s occasions. Steen is on a one-woman mission to prove that theme-dressing deserves some hype, deciphering dress codes can be an art form, and an online shopping problem may be no problem-o, after all. Steen’s original collages can be found on her blog The Nat Note, and on Instagram @thenatnote.

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