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Verona’s Summer Hath Not Such A Flower.
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Verona’s Summer Hath Not Such A Flower.

By Christina Cate


id you hear that? That huge sigh of relief? Oh nothing, it’s just me finally seeing the light at the end of this Summer of Hell tunnel. If you read last month’s column, you know June wasn’t all that cute for ya girl. I wish I could say July was a little better, BUT ALAS DEAR READER, ’twas not. Womp, womp.

But that’s not what this column is about. This month, I’ve decided to flex some of those designer/actor/creator/…gulp *artist* skills you’ve been hearing me blab about for the past six months.

As I look ahead to the next two months, I’m gearing up to return to the stage as Lady Capulet in Romeo & Juliet. I’ve never, ever done R&J, so to say this is a dream show–well, it is. Lady C is one badass bird, y’all. And because I can’t just not go a little over the top, I played with a mood board.

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As of writing this, we haven’t yet started rehearsals and I have barely scraped the surface of getting to know this complex creature. What I’ve put together could completely, completely change by the time the opening night’s lights go up. 

We’ll just have to wait and see, ’cause that’s showbiz, kid. 

Christina Cate

Christina Cate


Christina Cate spends her days drinking dirty chais, crying in her car, and being a totally serious business woman. Currently, she is proud to tote the titles of Founder + Designer of Cate Creative, Mom to TJ, Partner of Charles, and even Sometimes Actor. Connect with Christina at, on Facebook @CateCreative and on Instagram @CateCreative

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