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Twenty Eight
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Twenty Eight

A Reflection On Life and Adulthood As I Begin My 28th Year 

Today is my 28th birthday, and as I check in with myself this morning I feel an almost overwhelming sense of peace, joy, and gratitude. Which is kind of remarkable, considering the fact that in retrospect I would define most days in my early and mid twenties by the sentiments of anxiety, fear and frustration.

Each week of adulthood to date has brought its ups and downs. Each month has had its memorable moments, and each year has had its larger defining personal and professional milestones. 27 brought the biggest storm I had yet to weather (you can read about that here), and today marks a new beginning: one where I move forward toward my new goals and dreams with a sense of inner peace, clarity, confidence, authenticity and intention.

Suffice it all to say: T.G.I.T.E. (Thank God I’m Twenty Eight.) Ages 22-27 will probably go down in my future biography as some of the most confusing and frightening years of my life. Don’t get me wrong: there was a lot I achieved and there were many wonderful things that happened, too. Marrying Dan of course being the main one. On the majority though, I felt like I was walking through a cloud of what if and but I need/want more and how do I get there? that I couldn’t see my way out of. 

I know I wasn’t alone though. If you’re reading this and you feel that I just described your current reality, hang in there. It gets easier. If you commit to taking one small action toward becoming a better you each day, time will slowly chip away the excess stone and eventually reveal your sculpture for the world to admire. For now, I’ll keep chipping away at mine.

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Thank you for the birthday love!

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