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The Productivity App That Has Drastically Improved My Workflow

Are you one of those people who feels a deep sense of satisfaction from physically writing out a to-do list, then checking a box or crossing off a completed task when you’ve finished it? Do you find yourself telling your friends that you’re “a hand-written to-do list person?” I get it. That was me. I was with you. Until a few weeks ago…when I found Todoist.

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Please meet the app that is drastically improving my life and the lives of those close to me, because I know it can improve yours too. Todoist has not only helped me juggle projects and tasks in my personal and professional life, but its ability to help you prioritize your energy for the day allows you to feel calmer and more focused when you sit down to begin your work, as opposed to feeling scattered and overwhelmed about what to focus on, when.

Image via Todoist

The app connects to all of your devices too, from wherever you are, so you can add tasks to certain project boards or to your daily inbox when an “aha” moment strikes you, without the worry that you won’t remember that thought when you get back to your notebook later.

Todoist also has a new Teams feature where you can add collaborators to projects, so you can delegate tasks if you’re working with other people. After you’ve used the app for a period of time, it gives you synthesized personal data to review: you learn your own productivity habits, so you can make adjustments to your schedule and build the daily / weekly flow that works best for you.

Image via Todoist

Todoist touts that it can take you “from overwhelmed to on top of it,” and that is exactly what it has done for me. I thought I would miss handwriting my lists, but now I feel like I can’t live without this app. I have the desktop version on my computer, the mobile version on my phone, and I’m learning how to link it to other apps that I use for project management, like Drobox and Google Calendar.

Beyond the brass tax and the technological bells and whistles, I have been most amazed by how much Todoist has improved my mental health by quelling the anxious thoughts that can come with the challenges of breaking down big projects and tackling long-term strategic goals with scheduled, actionable tasks that you can execute daily. 

As exciting as it is to be engaged and productive, sometimes balancing the energy needed for career, family, and personal relationships can feel like too much. This app has made me more thoughtful with those I love and more efficient with projects I’m managing, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who needs a little organizational support. 

Download Todoist HERE.




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