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Creativity In The Time Of COVID: The Quarantine Exhibition
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Creativity In The Time Of COVID: The Quarantine Exhibition

Alanna Miller Art Advisory features 12 artists and their most recent work made during COVID-19, with 20% of sales to benefit New York Cares and the NAACP.

EM: How did The Quarantine Exhibition evolve? 
AM: I originally had plans for a pop-up exhibition during Frieze New York in a beautiful rental space in Chelsea. Once it became clear that COVID was here to stay, I re-routed and joined the digital art circuit. I asked my young artist friends from around the world if they would allow me to show artwork they had made during quarantine in an exclusive online exhibition. The Quarantine Exhibition is the final result.

EM: What was your goal for this exhibition?
AM: When the exhibition first came together, my goal was to highlight the resilience of artists from all over the globe who continued to make art despite the grim circumstances of COVID. The hope was to spark inspiration and shed a bit of light through these dark times.
EM: Why are there two charities receiving donations from the show’s sales?
AM: Initially, the plan was to donate 20% of sales to New York Cares. This is an incredible foundation I volunteer through, which reorganized programming to serve over 1 million meals for those affected by COIVD-19 in NYC. Now, the artists and I collectively decided to split the 20% donation evenly between New York Cares and the NAACP in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. After George Floyd was murdered during the original “opening” week, launching an online art show felt wrong. I postponed it two weeks in response, and used my platforms to raise awareness about American History, the Constitution, and how people could help the Black Lives Matter movement through donating to a variety of charities.
EM: How did you create the exhibition website to be a ‘digital viewing room’? 
AM: The website is set up so that you first scroll through and see each piece in the show. If one work speaks to you, clicking on the image will bring you to the individual artist page – here you can learn in depth about the artworks’ meaning or intention as it was made during quarantine. There are videos, quotes, detailed images, and installation images of each piece so you can get a feel for the work. Pictures of the artists and their biographies are included too.
Connect with Alanna Miller Art Advisory and The Quarantine Exhibition at, and on Instagram @alannamiller_artadvisory.
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