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The #JMOdailies: Jennifer Morrison’s Daily Care Packages To Help Get You Through Quarantine

By Jennifer Morrison

In an effort to support my closest friends and family during Quarantine, I started a daily email newsletter to share some of the wellness practices that have brought joy and peace to my life throughout the years. I offered links to guided mediations, suggestions for vitamins to stay healthy, and general daily encouragement while we are all isolated. I sent these care packages for 40 days–a compilation of articles, quotes, meditations and products I researched. We started calling them the #JMOdailies, and I wanted to share them with a wider audience in case these resources can help anyone else who might need the support during this time. *I have not been asked to promote any of these products, am not affiliated with any of them financially, and none of this is sponsored.


I’m not a doctor and I’m not a nutritionist. But these are the vitamins that I have found, through my own research, to help me stay healthy. I take each of these daily (with food, so as to not shock my stomach).

Vitamin C: you cannot over take this. Your system will just pass through whatever it doesn’t use. Read more about the benefits of it HERE.
Vitamin D3: this one is very important for your immune system. So many of us are D3 deficient. Read more about the benefits of it HERE.
Lysine: this helps your body strengthen its immune system and fight viruses. Read more about the benefits of it HERE.

There is research showing that people who really take proper care of their gut health live longer and fight disease better and more efficiently. The probiotic I take is GMO-free and it has been life-changing. It’s called Seed. They have a refill system that keeps you from having extraneous packaging constantly. It is really excellent and I have found it to be well worth the investment.

Guided Meditations
This may sound silly, but our minds are incredibly powerful. I believe that we can keep ourselves healthy with a healthy mind. I have battled anxiety for most of my life, and by using simple guided meditations I have been able to find peace in my mind and calm the record player of my inner thoughts–the worrying that repeats over and over again. I have been loving Deepak Chopra’s series on creating abundance. It’s available HERE, in the app store. As it may seem like the world just suddenly changed and took many things away from us… this has felt like the right concept to keep in mind in a peaceful way.
Daily Encouragement
I write every morning. Just free flow to get the busy thoughts out. It is bizarre how quickly my mind calms when I give the thoughts a tangible way out. I also see the solutions to challenges or frustrations so much faster when all of my thoughts are on paper. The natural instinct with this writing practice is to resist it. You can write everything you are thinking and feeling and then shred the paper after if you want to. But making anxious thoughts tangible and getting them out of the endless cycle in your mind will free up space for your heart, mind and immune system to stay healthy as well. Here is a reflection from Melody Beattie’s Journey To The Heart to help prompt your first exercise:
Self-love will always make things better.
And perhaps when a difficult time is past, you’ll look back and say,
That’s what I was really learning all along – the ever present,
healing power of learning to love myself.
Jennifer Morrison, Gerardo Celasco and Ava the Dog.
Sending lots of love and health.
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