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The Case For A Bold Lip
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The Case For A Bold Lip

The Case For A Bold Lip

The bold lip is an accessory. If you find a shade that works for you, own it, and let it become your signature. It’s a finishing touch to your look and personal aesthetic, like a wax seal you stamp on an envelope before sending something special in the mail. To me, a bold lip tells the world the story that you’re not afraid to stand out, or to be remembered—it sends a message that you’re an icon, in your own way.

When it comes to beauty, I’m most drawn to products that make me feel elegant and timeless. As I work my way through the ritual of putting on makeup, I want that experience to evoke an eternal energy of feminine strength and power. 

Photography by Adrian Espinoza, AME2Creates

That’s why I love Gucci Beauty, and their Rouge à Lèvres Satin Lipstick. I have two shades that I alternate between: the Myra Crimson and the Goldie Red. The colors are bold and the pigment is long-lasting, but it’s moisturizing on your lips. The collection was designed as an homage to Old Hollywood, inspired by iconic stars of the gilded era.

As an added bonus that brings me an abundance of joy, the gold tube is etched with an Art Deco-influenced design that makes me feel like I’m a glamorous 1920s movie star every time I open it and purse my lips in the mirror to put it on.

Shop the lipstick HERE on the Gucci website.



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