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Spring 2018 Mood Board: Visual Escapism and Shaking Off Self-Doubt
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Spring 2018 Mood Board: Visual Escapism and Shaking Off Self-Doubt

Deadlines are the antidote to insecurity.
– Tina Brown, The Vanity Fair Diaries


When it comes to what has inspired me this season, I have been rather inclusive toward the pics and pins that made it onto my mood board. The one consistent thread I can identify that is weaved throughout my curious curation is a sense of wild imagination. Escapism is the name of my game at the moment, as I’ve been furiously formulating business plans, scheming up strategies, and pushing to prepare for the official launch of our new business next month.

With major roll-outs and a branding re-direction in the works, I am now leading a team of two full-time partners and admit it is difficult to ignore the signs of imposter syndrome. Self-doubt creeps up when I slow down ever-so-slightly, so when I came across the main  quote for my mood board while reading The Vanity Fair Diaries I was shocked by how it spoke to me. I think it’s something all of us can be reminded of and learn from. If we continue to meet the deadlines we set for ourselves, one day we will look back in awe of what we pushed ourselves to achieve.

*All images used in this mood board are from Pinterest@aspoonfulofbenjamin, and Vogue.

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