Creative Direction & Digital Content Production

ELEANORA helps brands communicate their stories through the production of visual narratives. In an age where every company needs to be their own storyteller and content creator, it can be daunting to decide which messages to share and distracting to focus on producing the campaigns that will spread that message effectively. With 10+ years of storytelling, editorial and digital content creation experience, ELEANORA can help your business with creative direction, digital content production, copywriting and more. Pricing varies per project, depending on scope of work. Email today to inquire further, at

Recent Clients & Collaborations


New Republic Studios

I had the pleasure of working with ELEANORA for their Texas Women to Watch campaign. I had an amazing time with their entire team who were not only enthusiastic, but efficient. My ROI for this campaign was through the roof! I had inquires coming in from all over Texas and even some from other markets. This was an amazing experience with an awesome outcome. I am thrilled to continue my relationship with ELEANORA as they climb the ranks to global superstardom...I want to be linked when they do!


Limatus Bespoke

Working with the ELEANORA team has been one of the best experiences of my professional career. They provide thoughtful and collaborative advice that has helped showcase our brand’s story in new ways to reach different audiences with our content campaign. The ELEANORA platform has enabled us to tell a deeper level of our brand storytelling that was previously only known to myself and a handful of people. Now, we are able to use the content we created together as a soundboard to talk about who we are and how we are different.



I was honored to have been offered the opportunity to participate in ELEANORA's showcase of Texas Women to Watch. The elegant and meticulous presentation of the feature provided me with an opportunity to showcase my professional persona to thousands of people in an effective and reputable way. When I posted the provided feature on my social media platforms I was inundated with responses and interactions from not only my followers but their circles as well. People approached me in the gym, the grocery store, and other places I frequent to tell me congratulations and to ask me about my business. Since the feature was published, my client base has not only grown, but also matured thanks to the elevated aesthetic of ELEANORA and the exposure I received on their platform. This experience has been well worth the investment.


SA Cancer Council

Using ELEANORA's content creation services as the foundation of a new digital campaign and online life for the SA Cancer Council has been powerful. The caliber of community engagement is inspiring. Retailers all over town have responded with sincere positivity and genuine excitement to our Cure Cancer Card campaign. ELEANORA's editorial and social coverage of our fundraiser has been the catalyst for the group and its followers seeing themselves and the possibilities of this campaign differently. I now feel a spirit of real community coming together around the cause that I haven't felt before. I've come to understand through working with ELEANORA that change is more effective and sticks longer when there's a strong visual attached to it. Our three women leaders, looking beautiful and powerful and determined and open and united, bracketed by ELEANORA's masthead and the Council's logo was just the picture that needed to be painted!