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Walk Like A Woman: Kirsten Thompson
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Walk Like A Woman: Kirsten Thompson

There are so many definitions of womanhood. Some ascribe to the popular definition and say that it is a literal coming-of-age. Others attribute it to accomplishments, both personal and of a secular nature. Others might feel womanhood arrives after bearing a child. But what I find most compelling is the WHY of womanhood. Why are we born with the ability to simultaneously show compassion and strength? Where would society be without women? Would it be betteror maybe worse? Why are our emotional quotients so incredibly high? Historically, why have we been relegated to one-size-fits-all tropes and roles that don’t express the depth of who we truly are? Why are we here and what are we doing with the time that we are?


In my experience, Womanhood means delving deep to find the answers to these kinds of questions and defining “the why” for self. It means knowing my history and using it to create a now… a future…that I can be proud of. But also: one that my descendants will look back on as history and understand that they, too, have power. To change the status quo. To be of service. To be human, in more than just the biological sense. For me, to Walk Like A Woman means to walk in my purpose. Standing in my power, and using that power to walk alongside other women and build something better. Something beautiful.

Kirsten Elle Thompson
Creative Director & Stylist

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