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Relationships Are Not Easy
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Relationships Are Not Easy

Relationships are not easy. I have been seeing comments lately on social media referring to me and Dan as “relationship goals.” While that is nice, I wanted to share a very honest reflection on this because the perceptions of others we glean from social media are not always the full extent of reality.

Dan and I have been together nine years. The first eight were overall positive, and we shared a deeply supportive and loving bond, but despite the photogenic moments, there was underlying tension, there were many ups and downs, there were moments of elation followed by stretches of turmoil.

It became a lot better for us when I changed my lifestyle and transformed my health and wellness in 2015. But it was not until Dan ALSO transformed his health and wellness in 2019 that we truly were aligned and took off together – we started thriving instead of just surviving. And now, just FINALLY now, we feel we have hit our partnership stride. We are our best individually and that fuels the potential that we have together.

Dan addresses the root of so many issues that were obstacles for us in our earlier years in Happy, Not Satisfied: The Guidebook, his 68 pg. e-book that he wrote during quarantine.

If you are reading this and you are scrolling through social media thinking, “I’ll be happy once I…” *fill in the blank with whatever it may be for you* “have that partner, have that house, have that car, have that fame, have those clothes I see on that influencer”…etc. etc. etc., I used to be you, and I still fight these thoughts daily.

But Dan’s Happy, Not Satisfied mindset has continued to help me whenever those thoughts creep in. I know it can help so many others. I invite you to join us on the pursuit of continuous growth-both as individuals and in cherished relationships, at the link HERE.


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