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A Peek Inside Our New Pearl Apartment
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A Peek Inside Our New Pearl Apartment

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How Klepac & Co. Helped Me Downsize And Design Our New Morrison Glam Pad At Pearl

When we sold our house in August and moved back to Pearl in September, we had no idea what size apartment we were going to find, nor did we know the floor plan. Dan and I were taking this blind leap as a way to alleviate some major pressures that were weighing us down, and part of the agreement in this decision was that we were sticking to a monthly rental budget that was within our means, and we weren’t going above it…whatever that meant our floor plan or view was going to be.

This mindset was very difficult for me, because it meant giving up complete control of what we were getting ourselves into, but I knew it was what had to be done. Somehow, the Universe was on our side and the only unit available to us that checked all of the boxes appeared open THE DAY BEFORE OUR HOUSE SALE CLOSED. Truly…it was nuts. We rushed down to Pearl to snag it, and there it was: a fresh start, a completely different floor plan to design, a new challenge to tackle, and the beginning of the process to customize our, “735 square-feet of responsibility and stress-free bliss,” as Dan refers to it.

The second I got my hands on the future floor plan of our little abode, I knew I needed guidance from a registered interior designer to make sure I was making the right decisions aesthetically and spatially regarding what would and would not be coming with us into our new pad. After living in several spaces together over the years, and learning ourselves better as individuals and as a couple, we shed everything that didn’t serve us and we thoughtfully curated our new interior to reflect our passions, our marriage and the blending of our personal aesthetics.

My dear friend Catharine Klepac of Klepac & Co. was a major resource for me throughout this process. Even though I followed my instincts the majority of the way, there are many tricks of the trade and design tips I didn’t know. I would text Catharine with questions like: how many inches across does my drape rod need to be to fit these windows, and how many inches long do the drapes need to be to gather a little bit when they hit the floor? Or, what size area rug do I need to find to fit this space? Every step of the way, every minor purchase – Catharine was on the other line nudging me in the right direction and sending inspo photos (in my price range!) of the visions I would describe to her in my head.

Most of the items in these photos are either things Dan and I have collected over time, wedding gifts from friends and family, or were rare affordable vintage finds. There are also several items that are antique hand-me-downs from family that we are lucky to own. I sold furniture and other household items we either didn’t want anymore or couldn’t fit into this new space, and I did a lot of bartering with local antique dealers to trade and snag pieces at very low prices. Anything new that I purchased was either from Target, Amazon or Etsy. I designed this space on a shoe string, and I’m really proud of that.

The result? A cozy and bright space that literally hugs us every time we walk in the door. Every item in this apartment bears significance to us and makes us happy. There is no clutter, and everything is in order. We are still working on filling the bedroom, bathroom and entry hallway with more art and additional details to elevate the feel even more (which is why we haven’t yet shared the photos of those spaces). We’re taking our time though. For now, every morning I open our big windows and look across Pearl park at Hotel Emma and I can’t believe life is this good.

Stay tuned for more home tour posts as I continue to fill out spaces and nooks in the coming months. In the meantime, follow KLEPAC & CO. on Instagram @catharineklepac for daily design inspiration as Catharine and her architect hubby Derek renovate their historic bungalow to welcome their first baby in a few weeks! They are basically a young San Antonian version of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Catharine’s home interiors have been featured on The Everygirl (NBD), and she has designed a gender neutral nursery for baby Klepac that is just adorable. My sincerest gratitudes to Catharine for her friendship and her collaboration throughout this process, and for the carefree joy we feel in our new space because of her talents.



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  • Love it! I have always been a firm believer that you can beautify your surroundings, no matter how small they are. I appreciate the fact that you are letting your readers know that they don’t need to spend a fortune to live in an elegant home. And above all, in a world full of people that like to glorify their lifestyle your blog posting comes across as being written by a very down-to-earth but chic lady! Keep shining!

    • Wally- thank you so much. This comment means a lot to me. The impression you took from this post matches my intention in sharing it. I really appreciate you reading and sending me your thoughts!! Happy Holidays!

  • Love it!! The style is so neat and fresh it reflects peace a place you wanna come home congrats on your new home!! Enjoy it a lot !
    Ps the Carol pic and autographs is like just OMG

  • I love your style and writing. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I am moving to SATX in March. Would you mind if I email you some questions? We, too, are downsizing and looking at apartments at the Pearl and I would love your thoughts and input.
    PS. Also loved your podcast!

    • Hi Katherine! What a nice comment – thank you so much!! Absolutely. I will send you an email shortly. Thanks for listening to the podcast! Happy Holidays! xx

  • Lovely, elegant, inviting! Love the “record player” I still have mine from my 16th birthday! It doesnt’ work, but I can’t part with it; so need to have it refurbished. Thanks for sharing your new abode!

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