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Dressember: Real Life Reimagined
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The Silver Lining Of Loss
The Case For A Bold Lip
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Dressember: Real Life Reimagined

This December we are participating in a digital fundraising campaign called Dressember, to bring awareness to human trafficking and to help put an end to it around the world. Founded by Blythe Hill several years ago (read her article about this movement and the foundation she started HERE), Dressember has grown every year, helping more and more people and raising awareness that slavery still exists globally.

Melissa and I have taken a creative approach to the daily challenge by shooting a photo series throughout San Antonio called “Real Life Reimagined,” highlighting the things we do on a daily basis with a nostalgic and imaginary twist. We encourage you to follow along, to donate to the cause through our ELEANORA Magazine fundraising page, and to follow our personal Instagram accounts @eleanoramorrison and @melissa__delgadillo to discover the rest of our photography series as it unveils this month.
Pit Stop At The Coffee Shop
The Pig Stand
Holiday Shopping
Montage Style
Saturday Morning Fix
Mi Tierra
‘Cheer to all Whos, far and near!’
Just The Essentials
H-E-B Central Market
You Can Do Anything In A Dress
Melissa’s Home
Whistle While You Work
Home Depot
Candyland Couture
Hobby Lobby
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