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Meet Sor Juana’s Maker: Angelina Mata
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Meet Sor Juana’s Maker: Angelina Mata

By Eleanora Morrison

Within minutes of defining our creative vision for the story of Juana Inés, the first message I sent was to Angelina Mata. I knew that Angelina could truly make Juana: not just as a costume, but into a relevant, relatable figure that would inspire many–and she did.

During a process that took over a month, downtown to Angelina’s atelier we went…carrying images and inspiration to each meeting and fitting, in awe as we watched Juana Inés be patched together piece by piece, as the three full looks took shape that we were collaborating to bring to life.

With the elegant, sensitive brilliance that defines Angelina’s intricate designs and thoughtful styling, she drew from memories of her Catholic upbringing and young school days with nuns to ensure enough historical accuracy for each look, and then curated clerical couture with contemporary garments that brought Juana Inés into modern-day.

Angelina arrived on set the morning of our production day with a soothing, ethereal energy that is so endearingly authentic to her, and channeled it to make our shared creative experience warm and special for everyone. No garment detail was left unkempt or forgotten, thanks to the precision of her styling eye. Angelina brought Young Juana and Sor Juana to life with pieces from her Mata Atelier line, and the final tragic scene of Juana’s burned library was brought to life with pieces from her Sonsuz Style luxe kaftan line. We stood back and watched a master at work as she transformed artist Giovanna DiZurita (our Juana) from look to look, as if we were stepping into a time capsule and being transported to early 1600s Mexico for each scene.

Thanks to Angelina’s flawless execution of our storytelling vision, Giovanna was able to lose herself, and she literally became Juana right before our eyes. When the costuming whirlwind was through and the still of the afternoon settled into peaceful steadiness, in typical Angelina fashion once everyone had been styled for their moments in the spotlight, she quietly slipped off set and out the door…without ego, wanting no attention, and off to her next great adventure.

Connect with Angelina Mata at, and on Instagram at @mataatelier.


Behind the Scenes Photography by Courtney Weller.

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On Giovanna: Wardrobe Design and Styling by Angelina Mata. Hair by Lisa Weller, Makeup by Jade Dagsaan (of Twirl Salon).

Featured Artwork: ‘Queen of Lions’ painting and Juana Inés medallion by Giovanna DiZurita.

Featured Accessory: Rosary by Cassandra King Polidori of Cassandra Collections.

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