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Dallas Equine Photographer Kirstie Jones Captures A Romanticized Modern-Day Renaissance Through Her Lens
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Dallas Equine Photographer Kirstie Jones Captures A Romanticized Modern-Day Renaissance Through Her Lens

By Kristin Thornton

Equine photography was never intended to be Kirstie Jones’ full-time career. Her college degree, internships, and previous work experience were stepping stones funneling her to her dream job of investor relations within the finance industry. Photography was an outlet on the side and horses were a natural subject because they had significant meaning to her. As her skills behind the lens developed, she organized free photoshoots with friends to fulfill her desire to capture the unique bond between a horse and rider and provide note-worthy memories. Demand for her work grew and she found herself traveling to photoshoots every weekend and then editing each evening during the work week. Eventually she had two full-time jobs that she loved, but when her photography business was able to replace her income at the asset management firm where she worked, Kirstie chose to explore the exciting path of entrepreneurship.


A custom show jacket by Winning Couture dressed down to a casual look with this model’s warmblood gelding. 

Kirstie has become one of the most sought-after equine portraiture photographers in an extremely saturated market.  A consummate professional, she has developed her own unique style and is constantly adapting her business model to satisfy each customer.  Explains Kirstie, “Professional cameras are extremely accessible, so there is virtually no barrier to entry in my industry. In reality, my competition is every cell phone. It is imperative that I deliver an experience that is true to myself and serving my clients well. I try to keep my eyes forward and stay ahead of the curve.” 

A mother, a daughter, and their barrel racing mare. 

World champion rodeo cowboy Tuf Cooper and his fiancee Tiffany celebrate their engagement. 

A bride shares a quiet moment with her childhood love, her retired thoroughbred gelding.

Many professionals are apprehensive of potential competition, but Kirstie embraces fostering their growth by sharing her unique combination of business and photography expertise. She coaches driven entrepreneurs to succeed in the equine photography niche by offering traditional in-person individualized sessions as well as using virtual Skype calls and producing on-demand video courses. Additionally, Kirstie generously mentors photographers of all levels by regularly publishing free expert advice addressing relevant topics on both her blog and newsletter.

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Two sisters bring their rodeo ponies out to graze in their front pasture. 

A profound knowledge of both business and photography, the unrelenting enthusiasm to embrace new skills and technology, and a desire to assist future entrepreneurs has earned Kirstie the respected reputation as one of the most influential experts in equine portraiture and her future is yet to come.

More About Kirstie Jones:

Kirstie Jones is an equine portrait photographer located in Dallas, Texas. She founded Kirstie Marie Photography in 2013, and since then her work has been published in dozens of equine publications in advertising, editorial and cover spots. She conducts more than 50 private portrait session each year and has also worked with more than a dozen corporate clients, including SmartPak, Hobby Horse Clothing Company and Ride TV. Kirstie earned a BBA in finance from the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, where she also rode as a scholarship athlete for the TCU Equestrian Team. To see more of Kirstie’s portrait work, visit and connect with her on social media via Facebook and Instagram @kristieeemarie.

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