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Manifesting Greatness In 2020

By Carly Clegg

Happy New Year, friends! How did you ring in 2020? Did you toast to a clean slate, encouraged by a new beginning? NYE is one of my favorite holidays. My nostalgia kicks into high gear and I mentally visualize my life like one big montage and wonder where the time has gone. Wasn’t it just 2010? 

When you look back at the last 10 YEARS of your life, what do you see? How do you feel? I, for one, get overwhelmed.  (Like, whoa-can’t we take things one day at a time?!) Mine seemed to be segmented into three-year increments of college growing pains, post graduate uncertainty, professional development and a never-ending journey of finding myself and pursuing passion and happiness. Whether this past decade brought a lot of heartbreak and trials, or it was a season that gave you big breaks and so much joy, I hope the next ten years are your best ones yet. 


In the spirit of manifesting greatness, I wanted to take the time to set intentions and prioritize goals with a Mood Board this year…taking things back to one of my favorite 7th grade past times. Mood or Vision Boards are a collection of images, action words, stickers or trinkets in your junk drawer, that represent whatever is it you want to bring to life; collaged together on canvas to be displayed in your room or office. This exercise might seem unnecessary to some, but you’d be surprised how it can really allow the mind and spirit to become inspired by simply applying thoughts and creativity to paper. So why not give it a try? 

In preparation for this project, I took my questions to my Instagram community to see if they had any tips, tricks and advice for designing Mood Boards. I believe there’s power in social media and vulnerability and when those two collide, BIG things can come from any situation. There’s no wrong or right way to create a Mood Board, but it is nice to get insight into how others have created theirs and how it helped them achieve their goals. The following is a list of feedback from my Instafam:

  • Get clear on what you actually want to achieve 
  • Gather supplies- but don’t be too fancy! Spending your hard earned $$$ isn’t the point and it’s definitely not going to make your dreams come true just because your board is pretty
  • Create a productive environment: light candles, spread out your article cutouts, put on a podcast! 
  • DON’T USE images or words that create a feeling of lack: notice any blocks that your mind might have
  • When you’re done, put it somewhere you can see!

The most important key when making a Vision Board is putting all of this effort into ACTION! Ed Mylett says that we can strengthen self-confidence when we start TRUSTING ourselves. Meaning, we actually DO the things we SAY we’re going to do. No excuses, walk what you talk. So yes, this practice is beautiful and motivating once it’s done, but the results from it are the greatest reward.

“Vision boards are a form of deliberate creation, making the conscious choice to design your life on your terms instead of letting life happens to us!”

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Wishing you all the success, health and prosperity this year and all the years to come. Below is a ‘glossary’ of meanings behind my Mood Board if you’re curious: 

  • Butterfly: {Metamorphosis} to blossom into who I’m truly meant to be 
  • Balloon: a reminder to constantly be in a state of youthfulness, in ideas, in possibilities, in faith etc. 
  • Dancing Diana: to be fearlessly you regardless of your circumstances
  • Lion: beautiful courage 
  • Mickey Mouse: one of my favorite quotes by Walt Disney “If you can dream it, you can do it!”
  • Pink everything: my favorite color, femininity and boldness 
  • Sunflower: an encouragement to stand bright and tall 
  • Theatre mask pin: a longing to get back to my artistic roots in performing arts, somehow, someway! 
  • Unicorns: there’s freedom in authenticity, strive to be different and remain true to myself


Carly Clegg

Columnist & Correspondent

Carly is a native Texan currently living in Dallas with her husband , where she is a Digital Editor for Six Flags. She studied Telecommunication Media Studies at Texas A&M University and has been chasing dreams ever since. A performing arts enthusiast, her passion for production led her to positions at entertainment and media giants like the Walt Disney World Company and iHeartMedia. Always open for thought-provoking conversation and connecting with others over an iced coffee, you can find her on Instagram at @carlyclegg.

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