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London Travel: 5 Experiences Inspired by Ada Lovelace
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London Travel: 5 Experiences Inspired by Ada Lovelace

By Melissa Delgadillo

What do the experiences of afternoon science tea, a concert in the oldest music hall in the world, and Victorian treasure hunting in Camden Passage have in common? This issue’s cover story star, Victorian-era mathematician and inventor of the algorithm, Ada Lovelace. We curated a list of five stops to add to your next trip to London, inspired by Ada Lovelace’s life and legacy that you won’t want to miss.

Image source: @ampersandhotel

1. Science Afternoon Tea at The Ampersand Hotel

Situated in the London Neighborhood of South Kensington, enter the Victorian Boutique hotel for an out-of-this-world London Tea experience where physics, chemistry and gastronomy meet in a curious alchemy. Located inside the charming ‘salon de thé’ drawing room.

Image source: @sketchlondon (Photo: Simon Brown / Courtesy of Sketch for Architectural Digest)

2. The Glade at Sketch London

Enter this modern-day whimsical wonderland, where we imagine Ada would frequent if she were living today. Located below ground at Sketch, enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or twilight cocktails and snacks.

Image source:Wikimedia Commons

3. Home of Ada Lovelace

Located in St James’s Square, visit the exterior of the London home of Ada Lovelace, marked by a blue plaque honoring her as a pioneer of computing.

Image source:@wiltonsmusichall

4. Wilton’s Music Hall

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A traditional Victorian music hall, Wilton’s is the oldest surviving grand music hall in the world. Built in 1690, it became a venue in 1839. Surviving over 300 years, it has evolved from a Victorian sailor’s pub to a music hall, and from a Methodist Mission to a rag warehouse. Grab tickets to enjoy a performance in this storied space.

Image courtesy of London Sightseeing

5. Vintage Shopping in Camden Passage

Camden Passage, Islington is a picturesque car free London street filled with antique, vintage and contemporary shops, outdoor markets, cafes, restaurants and bars. Spend an afternoon looking for antique treasures. Shops are open throughout the week, however outdoor stalls are only open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Click HERE for a map of 20 markets throughout London.

Melissa Delgadillo

Melissa Delgadillo


Melissa Delgadillo is the Founder of Monde and the PR & Events Manager for Snake River Farms. A creative enthusiast with over a decade of experience shaping brand stories, she thrives curating experiences and producing uplifting content that inspires the imagination. Follow her journey as she tells out-of-the-ordinary and uplifting stories at, and connect with her on social media @melissa__delgadillo and @mondelyfe.

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