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LIVE! with Lisa Weller
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LIVE! with Lisa Weller

I’m in @lolatwirls’s chair today @twirlsalon talking about fashion and beauty in the time of COVID, and how Twirl is redefining inspiration and self-care during this new normal. Thank you Lisa for the creative collaboration today, it feels incredible to be able to play dress up, even just for today! 💗💗#EleanoraLIVE #twirlsalon

A little bit of GLAM can go a long way right now. 💋 This time each year @lolatwirls is in Europe doing hair for the biggest shows at #PFW. Since she’s not traveling this year, and because we are both in need of some creative inspiration, I spent the afternoon in her chair @twirlsalon yesterday. We recreated the iconically romantic Chanel Fall 2020 look she did at #PFW in February, and she created a red carpet updo from her imagination, that was a modernized version of old Hollywood glamour. I loved both looks- but I think my new favorite hairstyle is the Chanel look 😍 (and it’s not difficult to do at home). Here is some footage of the fun we had BTS! Catch our episode of #EleanoraLIVE where we talk self-care, fashion and beauty in our new normal 😷. Thank you Lisa and #TwirlGirls for the special afternoon! Makeup by @oclari💄 #selfcare #glam 🎶 Elle me dit by MIKA 🎶


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