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LIVE! with Josie Rees

The magical Josie Rees (@josiesellstexas) joins me on my little pink couch 🎀 to share a few ways to, as she says, “put the OM in home.” We talked about smudging a home to cleanse its energies, crystals and their healing properties, the power of transformational journaling, the belief in *alignment over action* if you are working toward designing a life of joy and fulfillment, and so much more. Welcome to “wellness real estate” with Josie Rees! 📿🌿 Thank you for joining me on #EleanoraLIVE, my friend! I’m now on the hunt for palo santo and crystals I can sprinkle in every room…✨#womentowatch #josiesellstexas #wellnessrealestate #sanantoniorealtor

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