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LIVE! with Elizabeth Berrocal, LPC, NCC
Celebrating Our Small Wins Has Helped Us Find More Joy
You Can Train Your Butterflies To Get In Formation
The Silver Lining Of Loss
The Case For A Bold Lip

LIVE! with Elizabeth Berrocal, LPC, NCC

Elizabeth Berrocal, LPC, NCC joins me on my little pink couch 🎀 to talk about women’s mental health. Specializing in Women’s Issues and the Power of Pain, Elizabeth helps women from all walks of life in her therapy practice, the first mental health clinic specifically for women that she founded in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about her services and her approach to mind-body wellness in this episode of #EleanoraLIVE. Thank you for joining me, Elizabeth! To connect with Elizabeth and inquire about how she might be able to help you feel better mentally and emotionally, find her on instagram @queenoftherapy and at

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