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Meet The Limatus Bespoke Team: Tessa Moss
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Meet The Limatus Bespoke Team: Tessa Moss

You can be whoever you want to be, every single day. What you wear is the inspiration for it all and this is exactly where my passion for design started.  Each of us has different hobbies and interests that make our personal styles diverse, yet somehow intertwined. The best part about style is finding out what your nack is and being able to incorporate it into anything you have.

I used to never really enjoy shopping when I was younger because I would just find myself taking things home and altering them in some way or another to either add my own personality to garments, or alter them simply because I wouldn’t quite find on the rack what I had built in my head.  This is what drove me to want to go to design school.

Working with Limatus Bespoke, I am able to figure out exactly what it is that my client is creating in their mind and execute it from scratch. That excites me. Whether we are working to make timeless pieces that will become staples in someone’s wardrobe for years to come, or incorporating someone’s ideas and personality into a piece that steps out of the box creatively, there is nothing that I don’t enjoy about our collaborative design process.

Meeting with many clients throughout the years and having a variety of different projects and ideas presented to me has caused me to fall in love with the process of designing suits and garments for weddings. I have developed a deep appreciation for the excitement and emotion that goes into these particular designs. Wedding designs range from creating something that is classic to be incorporated into a client’s wardrobe as an investment piece, to outsourcing fabrics and creating completely custom pieces.

The one thing that stays the same, no matter the wedding style or how many hours went into the design process, is that feeling at the final fitting.  To be able to see someone standing and looking at themselves in the mirror with such pride and emotion in their faces is a privilege, and is something that never gets old.

To discover more about the Limatus Bespoke experience, and to schedule your first fitting appointment, visit

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