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Meet The Limatus Bespoke Team: James Castro
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Meet The Limatus Bespoke Team: James Castro

A few years back, I used to manage a comic book store.  While that might seem very different from what I do now, there are actually more similarities than you would think.  I used to love how the comic book store wasn’t just a place for people to buy comic books, it was a hang out spot. It was a place where friends could talk about comic books, video games, etc.  It was a place where getting to know my customers better and understanding what they liked and why actually made me better at my job.

One of my favorite things about managing the comic book store was meeting all of the different kinds of people that came in to shop.  I loved seeing how something as simple as comic books could bring such a diverse group of people together. It was always so interesting to see how so many different kinds of people appreciated the same thing. A 14 year-old junior high kid’s favorite comic book hero and edition might be the exact same as a 50 year-old doctor, and their reasons for it might be totally different.

When I assist clients through their design process, I try to see the world through their eyes so I can get a better idea of what clothing would fit their personality.  For example, I can tell a lot about someone by who their favorite superhero is and why. Once I have a feel for someone’s personality, their tastes, their line of work – then I can help guide them toward a design that really magnifies and represents who they are. One thing I like to concentrate on is functionality; I want to make sure that we are building suits for their professional needs. Our motto is “look good, feel good, do more” and I really take that to heart. If you know you look great and it makes you feel great, that gives you the confidence to succeed during an important presentation or meeting and, ultimately, achieve your goals.

Working at Limatus Bespoke is a lot like working at the comic book store because Limatus Bespoke isn’t just a place to buy clothes.  It’s a place where our clients can have a drink and visit and relax. And the more our clients come back and the more time we get to spend with them, the better we get to know and understand what will look the best on them and that never gets old. The thing I love most about my job is that what I do today is the same thing I want to be doing 20 years from now.  I love working hard and I’m passionate about my business and I hope that that comes through in the service and experience I give to my clients.  That’s really what we strive for at Limatus Bespoke, and we never quit trying to improve at it.

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