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Makers & Creators: Meet Ceramicist Sarah Sauer of Guten Co.
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Makers & Creators: Meet Ceramicist Sarah Sauer of Guten Co.

Sarah is the owner and maker at Guten Co., a design-forward workshop that produces high quality ceramic and letterpress goods. Sarah’s distinctive designs play off natural elements that push the boundaries of traditional ceramics while maintaining functionality. Her handcrafted minimalist pieces can be found in modern stores all over the United States and in specialty shops like Temple of Offering, Hotel Emma, and Hotel Havana. 

What was your inspiration behind the pieces you created for Limatus Bespoke + Guten Co.? 

I wanted to look to apparel for the inspiration behind the wearable pieces I created for Limatus Bespoke. The earrings are a fluid shape that mimics draped fabric even though it’s made in a rigid ceramic material. And for many months I have wanted to create a mens/unisex wearable piece and this was the perfect time! I created an intricate lapel pin that has harder geometric form to contrast with the soft shape of the earring pieces. I wanted to create lots of interest in that small piece so it can serve as a distinctive accessory and ultimate conversation starter.

What is your favorite design integration reflected in the suit that speaks to your brand?

Anyone that knows my work can attest to my love of clean lines and unique architectural forms. My suit has a strong shoulder line, a diagonal cut front and the most killer wide leg pants that feature a hard crease down the front of each leg. The suit has a strong structure and the distinctive lines we incorporated build a unique silhouette, a quality I see reflected in the forms I create. 

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