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Aisle Style: Stefanie & Renee
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Aisle Style: Stefanie & Renee

How did you both meet?

Stefanie: Renee and I met through a dating app. We were both pretty skeptical of the odds, but I saw her profile not long after signing on for the first time. Her smile caught my attention so I ‘liked’ her and she responded. After communicating back and forth for a few weeks, we agreed to dinner at the Gruene Door in Gruene, TX where we shared our first kiss standing next to the river. As we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to get married next to a river. It has become a symbol of our lives together. 

Why did your significant other stand out to you as the person you wanted to marry?

Stefanie: I knew pretty quickly that Renee was special. She is honest, authentic, funny and driven. I had no doubts that I wanted to marry her. 

Renee: Stefanie is the perfect partner for me. She is funny, kind, insightful and a little quirky...the perfect combination. 

How did you propose?

Renee: I asked Stefanie to be my wife about six months after we met, on December 26th, although I carried the ring around for about two months before I asked. I wanted to share the information with my children first and ask for their blessing, which they immediately gave because they loved Stefanie right away too. I knew it was too fast but I did it anyway because when you find your person, you just know. I told her that I wanted her to know how serious I was about her and our future together…marriage serious. I followed my heart and I am so happy I did. 

Why did you choose custom clothing for your wedding day?

Stefanie: I knew that I wanted a custom suit or tuxedo. After researching for a bit, I wanted something that I could play a part in customizing, plus I wanted a fit that you can’t get off the rack. 

Why did you choose Limatus Bespoke?

Stefanie: I chose Limatus Bespoke after researching custom suiting around San Antonio. The reviews were amazing and after my initial consultation with Tessa, I knew Limatus was the best choice. 

What was your favorite part of The Bespoke Experience?

Stefanie: My favorite part of the experience was sitting down with Tessa and picking out every detail of the tuxedo from thread color, to personal extras like the lining of the jacket. Tessa allowed me to create exactly what I wanted, but the best part was the completely custom vest that Tessa worked on. It turned out beautifully! 

Renee: She was always so excited when she came home after her appointments. We didn’t want to tell each other what we planned to wear so that our ‘seeing each other for the first time’ moment would be really special. It was so hard for her not to tell me about her tuxedo and I couldn’t wait to see her on our wedding day. 

What special touches did you include in your suit design and why? 

Stefanie: I added our wedding date to the inside of the tuxedo along with, ‘love is love’. The vest is truly one of kind. 

Renee: I also love that she can wear that piece again with jeans and it looks great! 

How did your Limatus clothes make you feel on your wedding day? 

Stefanie: The Limatus tuxedo made me feel truly special and unique. To walk down the aisle on the most important day of my life and know that I was wearing a custom tuxedo that fit so well allowed me to focus on my bride and the vows instead of worrying about what I was wearing. I love my tuxedo. 

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