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Aisle Style: Ryan & Chandler
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Aisle Style: Ryan & Chandler

How did you and Chandler meet?

Chandler and I met through mutual friends in college. We met in December of 2015 and started dating January 2016.

Why did Chandler stand out to you as the person you wanted to marry?

Chandler stood out to me as the person I wanted to marry because of her personality. She is very outgoing and will find something in common with everyone she meets. She is the type of person to talk to strangers on the street and make best friends with them. She always puts others before herself and she pushes those around her to be the best they can be.

How did you propose?

In December of 2017, I asked a few of my close friends to go with us to the dog park so that they could take pictures of me proposing. Our animals are a big part of our life together, so I thought proposing with our dog there would be a cute way to ask her to spend the rest of our lives together.

Why did you choose custom clothing for your wedding day?

I chose custom clothing for our wedding day because I wanted to look as good as I could possibly look next to my wife, whom I knew would look stunning.

Why did you choose Limatus Bespoke?

I chose Limatus Bespoke because of the raving recommendations that I was given by a few different people. My parents had recently moved to San Antonio and had come across Limatus Bespoke, so Chandler and I flew down and had a meeting with James for the fitting and to talk through what exactly I wanted in the suit.

What was your favorite part of The Bespoke Experience?

James absolutely went above and beyond the expectations that I had walking in. He listened to everything I wanted and made sure to go through all of the different options with me to achieve my vision.

What special touches did you include in your suit design and why?

I included the monogram, “You’re my favorite” under the collar of my jacket, which is a phrase that my wife and I have said to each other since we started dating, and I added our wedding date next to it. I also included a monogram of my name on the inside of my jacket and my initials on the cuff of my shirt.

How did your Limatus clothes make you feel on your wedding day? 

My Limatus clothes made me feel confident and helped me know that I looked great standing next to my beautiful wife. 

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