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Aisle Style: Kris & Justin
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Aisle Style: Kris & Justin

How did you and Justin meet?

Justin and I met in 2006 in Hawaii. Justin was stationed in Oahu for military duty and I moved to the island as a contractor for the military. We had a mutual friend and on the weekends, we would go out for drinks. One weekend it was a long night of partying and since I lived on the military base, our mutual friend called Justin to drive me back on base. During the car ride back to base, I had a chance to talk to Justin and this is where we first got to know each other.

Why did Justin stand out to you as the person you wanted to marry?

Kris: Besides his good looks, Justin stood out to me because of his great character, passion to live life and authentic love that he gave to those he loves.

Justin: When we first met in our early 20’s (2006) we connected on a level that was way beyond our time. When he left Hawaii, I knew that feeling I had with him I never wanted to lose. Throughout the years we kept in touch, slowly learning how to love each other along the way. Over the years through failed relationships, my complicated friendship with Kris stayed constant. He is a compassionate person, loves his family, never judges and always tries to see the best in people. In August 2019 we got married at our favorite hotel in Puerto Vallarta… the best fairytale day of my life.

How did you propose?

I planned a surprise birthday party in Chicago. Months in advance, I reached out to his and my closet friends to fly them out to Chicago to celebrate this big moment. I planned a nice dinner for everyone and proposed to him at dinner.

Why did you choose custom clothing for your wedding day?

I would consider Justin to have more style than me, so he primarily picked out the custom fabric we wanted to use. He found the pattern on Pinterest and worked with Tessa to get the correct fabric.

Why did you choose Limatus Bespoke?

We actually met with another tailor prior to Limatus and we had a bad experience. We were really looking for someone that paid attention to the details of what we needed and had the resources to execute with perfection on our special day. Tessa exceeded our expectations and we had so much fun in the process.

What was your favorite part of The Bespoke Experience?

We really enjoyed looking at all of the fabric options and making our suits fully customized to our liking and vision. 

What special touches did you include in your suit design and why? 

We decided to include custom design fabric on the inside of our suit, giving the suits a fun and classy look. 

How did your Limatus clothes make you feel on your wedding day? 

We felt like true kings on our wedding day. The suits really captured the essence of who we are as individuals while complimenting who ware as a married couple.   

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