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5 Reasons To Invest In Quality Clothing

By Devin Castleton

Luxury is perhaps one of the most misunderstood elements of modern life. It’s often assumed to be something reserved only for the wealthy and elite, but those who make that assumption escape the entire purpose of luxury– something that is actually afforded to anyone who truly understands its value, particularly when it comes to clothing. High-end, premium quality clothing should not be viewed as merely an indulgence, but rather a very deliberate investment in yourself. Here are our five reasons why we suggest investing in quality clothing at Limatus Bespoke:

1.High-end fabrics breathe better, keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

At Limatus Bespoke, we pride ourselves on using the highest-quality fabrics available. Most of our fabric selections are 100% wool. Wool is the oldest, most reliable, most versatile fiber in the entire world.

2. These fabrics have high durability with a longer life span. If properly cared for, quality clothing can last for decades.

According to Loro Piana (one of the most renowned wool producers in the world and a fabric line we carry in-house), wool from Merino sheep is a special wool, and great care needs to be taken of the animals who produce it: they require a suitable environment along with experienced growers who are completely dedicated to their demanding work. Growers personally take care of each individual animal. Their farms are set in the unspoiled countryside, nestled among rivers and waterfalls, forests and rocky sea cliffs. The Merino sheep is born to withstand the most extreme of elements thanks to its exceptionally designed coat. Loro Piana uses this natural innovation and harnesses the naturally crimped texture and insulating qualities of the fiber, to make garments suited for any season and climate.

3. High-end fabrics made with Merino wool have antimicrobial properties that self-clean so you don’t have to dry clean as often.

A perfect-fitting custom suit made from Merino wool, similar to a high-end luxury automobile, is about far more than flash and status – it’s about an appreciation for things that are better, higher quality, longer lasting and that provide more rewarding experiences for those who understand the value and invest in it. A high quality Merino wool suit not only looks superior, insulates from cold better, ventilates from heat more easily, and provides a much more enjoyable wearing experience, but it can last for over 10 years if properly cared for and maintained. 

4. Bespoke clothes are sustainable; there is virtually no waste since every piece is made for you.

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Luxury is about more than simply what our clothing looks like, but what it’s made of and why that part is just as important as how it looks. Premium quality clothing should not be reduced to just a status symbol. It is a very real investment in improving the way we feel about ourselves, and when made custom for us, produces virtually no waste. 

5. The craftsmanship and tailoring is providing a livelihood for talented individuals with decades of experience in their craft.

Luxury is about quality. Quality for any individual –including investing in the livelihood of the individuals whose craft it is to custom make a garment. That alone is worthy of the investment, not just in yourself, but in a community of makers and creators. 

To discover more about the Limatus Bespoke experience, and to schedule your first fitting appointment, visit

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