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Devine By Design: Female Entrepreneurs Standing Out In A Contemporary Society
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Devine By Design: Female Entrepreneurs Standing Out In A Contemporary Society

By Kristin Thornton | August 2019

Page turning novels create a strong connection between the reader and richly developed characters as they navigate surprising plot twists and formulate realistic solutions. Upon conclusion, the audience is so invested with the heroines that they seek future editions penned by the author. As a young girl, I had the perception that life was a singular book following a plot that once determined could not be changed. With the passage of years, I have come to realize that each of us are the heroines within our own collection of sequential novels. Chapters vary in length and while some are euphoric and others distressing, each is equally significant because of the opportunity to strengthen through evolution.

My personal collection of novels to date possess a reoccurring theme of adapting to change both personally and professionally. Each volume builds upon the previous and is equally important in creating the woman I am today and who I strive to be in the future. Currently, I am navigating a “chapter” where I am dismantling my hard-wired perception that professional success is only measured in monetary currency. For over two decades, I used laser focus and advanced education to grow revenues of multiple third-party companies. My transition to solely running my own business was initiated in 2014 when I founded a website titled Street to Stable?. I have become a storyteller dedicated to sustaining and preserving the artisans, educators, entrepreneurs and artifacts that enhance the equestrian way of life. Acknowledgement for my efforts is the payment I have negotiated with myself because I am incredibly passionate in promoting the multi-faceted mission associated with a lifestyle that transcends history and cultures.


Street to Stable has introduced me to a unique group of female entrepreneurs that stand out in today’s interconnected society. They each possess the discipline and aptitude to sort through the chatter generated by social media and remain true to their individuality. Each has implemented new technology to better reach their customers. These women recognize that although change is difficult, it is a necessity to stay relevant within their chosen expertise. They have created, sustained, grown and restructured businesses to adapt to a congested marketplace. They are dynamic because they possess a positive attitude that seeks progress.

This editorial is dedicated to celebrating four dynamic female entrepreneurs that are choosing to be admired heroines as they compose their own unique stories.

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