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King of New York
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King of New York

By Christina Cate
So lets get drunk! Yeah! Not with liquor. Fame works quicker when you’re king of New York.
–King of New York, Alan Menken

Most good Southern girls have big, big plans for Easter weekend. Pastels, egg hunts, church. My Easter weekend? Sliiiiiightly different. After Spring Break, my curiosity got the best of me and I looked up flights to New York. You see, my best friend lives in the city and I’ve made it a point to visit him as much as I can. Well, curiosity got the cat AND tickets to the city for Easter weekend. Pastels were still worn, tears were shed and amazing food was consumed.  Peep the weekend through my eyes…

My view all weekend. Trying to catch up with these New Yorkas. 

That’s my stop! This trip I pushed myself to be more independent. It was my first time on the train alone. I even explored the city alone. Two years ago, I insisted on Ubering everywhere. How far you’ve come, girlfrand. 

Eat your heart out, Eloise. 

We got champagne taste on a beer budget, y’all. 

The city is filled with tulips and art. It was also my first trip during the Spring. I usually visit in the winter. 


The pastel-wearin’, tear sheddin’ fool himself. Trevor, my love, I miss you more than words can say. (Ah, ah, ah, ah!) 

Until next time, you big beautiful city. Until next time.

Christina Cate

Christina Cate


Christina Cate spends her days drinking dirty chais, crying in her car, and being a totally serious business woman. Currently, she is proud to tote the titles of Founder + Designer of Cate Creative, Mom to TJ, Partner of Charles, and even Sometimes Actor. Connect with Christina at, on Facebook @CateCreative and on Instagram @CateCreative

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