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June Busted Out All Over, Alright.

By Christina Cate


hen I first sat down to write this, I was going to list all of the ways June has been…bad*. Yup. Just a big ole list of negativity. Wouldn’t that have brought such a lovely storm cloud over what is otherwise an empowering and vibrant digital magazine?

You deserve better, dear reader, and more importantly, I deserve better. We don’t need to trudge up bad energy, especially as we look ahead to a bright and sunny July. So, instead let’s talk about how the hell you get out of funk.

Get up.

Get out of bed, dammit. When you work for yourself, like ya girl, and you’re going through a rough spot (that may or may not last you months, jury’s still out), it’s SO easy to decide to get back in bed and do nothing. Don’t do it. Get up. Put some pants on. Crush it. And if you can’t, text your therapist. (Wishing this post was sponsored by TalkSpace right about now.)

Get out.

…of town, preferably. Never underestimate the power of the change of scenery. I recently took a weekend trip with some girls and it was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. The trip had been planned for months, but it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Eat better.

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t talk about why June was busted, but one of the lesser problems I experienced this month was my body rejecting the trash I kept feeding it. Not to @ them, but I’m looking at you T*co B*ll, Ch*potle and McD*nald’s. Even as I type that, I can’t help but laugh. I really wondered why I felt so bad nearly everyday. And no, I’m not eating salmon and vegetables every single day, but I’m cutting back. This weekend I only had ONE SLICE of pizza. Pause for reaction. Food is truly fuel, y’all.

Step back.

I left this for last because it is the hardest lesson, but also the most important. Step back. Evaluate and reevaluate the problems in front of you. Trust your gut. Don’t make a decision on how to react right away. Give it time and space. Whatever ‘it’ is. Maybe there are many ‘its’ you’re dealing with. It’s okay.

Let’s say IT one more time? IT.

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Okay, sorry. Back to business.

Follow the above steps, rinse, lather and repeat. And maybe order some sage to burn off of Amazon if it helps you feel better. Also scream your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. My go-to’s have been Roll to Me by Del Amitri, the new Taylor Swift bop, and What Baking Can Do from the musical Waitress. Do what you gotta do to get through.

Hang in there if your June was rough, like mine. Just because you might carry it well, doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

*Okay, not all of June was bad. Some pretty amazing things happened last month, too. One really amazing thing. So, don’t worry. I’m still hashtag blessed.

Christina Cate

Christina Cate


Christina Cate spends her days drinking dirty chais, crying in her car, and being a totally serious business woman. Currently, she is proud to tote the titles of Founder + Designer of Cate Creative, Mom to TJ, Partner of Charles, and even Sometimes Actor. Connect with Christina at, on Facebook @CateCreative and on Instagram @CateCreative

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