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Introducing the Worth Control Podcast
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Introducing the Worth Control Podcast

Why My Best Friend and I Launched A Podcast Together, and How We Hope To Help Women With It

We’re LIVE! The passion project that has been six months in the making with my lifelong best friend Satchie Seidlits is now public. We are thrilled to introduce our new podcast WORTH CONTROL to the Oh, Eleanora community!

2017 was a year of personal transformation for both of us. We were each navigating major career transitions and all of the collateral issues that came with it. We were on a quest to achieve balance with our health and wellness, we were shedding relationships and activities that didn’t fit us anymore, we were trying to be the best wives to our husbands, and we were starting to feel the pressure from society around us to settle into the idea of beginning the mental and physical preparations to one day be mothers. It all felt like a lot to handle. Whether our days brought the good, the bad or the ugly we always coached each other through them when we needed an ear, and we did it all from a distance. We’ve shared 20 years of friendship, but we’ve lived apart now for 7 of them.

I was first turned onto podcasts this past spring while traveling to New York for a conference. I knew that podcasts existed, but as such a visual person they weren’t originally the channels that spoke to me to absorb my daily content. Satchie, on the other hand, is an avid listener and has even mastered the ability to listen to her favorite shows on double speed so that she can cram more motivational content into each day. Some time in late spring, Satchie was visiting San Antonio and we had a day to spend together. During our conversations, we kept coming back to this thought that we wished all women had a girlfriend to be their companion in navigating the complexities of modern womanhood, like we do for each other. Somehow, by the end of our day together, we decided that we wanted to start a podcast – that we would be the companions to help a community of women discover how to live their best lives and have it all while doing so (whatever “it all” means to them).

We have been actively working on bringing this podcast to life since June. We’ve taught ourselves how to record and edit episodes, we’ve created and styled our brand, we’ve built our website and now we hope that our content builds a community. Our show is about opening up and having the real conversations on career, personal development, health and wellness, and relationships that address universal topics and issues that, as women, we are often encouraged to sweep under the rug. We share a no-nonsense approach to creating the life you love, but through a lens of unconditional support and positivity, and we hope that resonates with future listeners. We invite you to find our podcast on SoundCloud for now, and in the next few days on iTunes and Spotify. We look forward to growing the show organically and authentically, and we are excited to get better and better at this as we go along 😉 We hope you’ll join us in establishing the #WORTHCONTROL community and in celebrating all that it means to be a woman in today’s world.

To the women like us who want to take control of a life best lived: this is for you.

(and Satchie).

Images and production support by Will Crawford. Logos by Cate Creative. Launch support by Atypical Avenue.

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