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Inspiration Lately

Nothing inspires me more than interior design. Maybe it’s because I’m a dreamer, and I like to imagine foreign worlds and whimsical adventures within the walls of my own life. I see fashion as a form of communication and expression, but I see design as an intimate look at the story of a structure and into the souls of the people who inhabit it.

For Christmas, Dan gifted me with our first trip to Europe together this summer. We travel quite often, but this will be our first time to Paris, Berlin and Vienna together. In the spirit of adventure and curiosity for the sights we’ll soon see, I’ve been pulling images of interiors from these cities to open up my mind as a creative practice before I start my daily work on various projects, some personal and other that I’m a consultant for.

I’m beginning to gather research on Paris, Berlin and Vienna so that we can further plan our itinerary abroad and have certain experiences to look forward to over the next few months.

Images were all sourced from Pinterest.

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If you have any recommendations of what not to miss (outside of the traditional touristy spots) in the realm of cuisine and culture, please send them my way!


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