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Inspiration Lately: Mediterranean Summer

School’s officially out for summer in our household. In lieu of our vacation to Europe that we had planned pre-pandemic, we decided to drive out to California to spend time continuing to socially distance with our immediate family here. The past few months have been a time of reflection, and attempting to strike the balance of staying as disciplined and routine-oriented as possible, while also creating much more space and time for inspiration to pour into our days.

One of the ways I have been opening my mind during quarantine is to dedicate a few hours each day to creative research. I’ve read books, magazines, and newspapers; I cleaned out my Instagram feed, unfollowed over 400 accounts and adjusted my notifications, so that the majority of the media I see is visual inspiration of spaces, places, art and culture. I’m craving candid imagery of captured moments over contrived imagery intended to influence.

While wandering down these rabbit holes of storytelling, I feel strongly pulled to sights and scenes of summer on the Mediterranean. Interior design, cuisine, architecture and color. In my mind, I’m in a Mediterranean summer even though I’m not physically there. Here is some of the imagery that’s currently on my digital moodboard…

Wishing everyone a charmingly slow summer focused on enjoying the little things in life — and of course, first and foremost, wishing everyone good health.

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